Beacon For Him – 2019 Impact

2019 Strategic Grant

2019-05-30 02:52:21

Legal-name: Beacon for Him, Inc.

Previous-name: Beacon for Him Ministries

Address: 6285 East Spring Street #448

City: Long Beack

State: CA

Zip: 90808

Tax-id: 46-4951831

Organizational-status: 501(c)(3)


Ranking-title: Shannon James/President

Budget: $80,000

First-name: Shannon James

Title: President

Tel-952: 562-577-1828


Textarea-499: Assist us in establishment and programming for our new drop-in center!

Total-cost: $40,000

Grant-amount: $20,000

How-many-years: 1 year

How-many-individuals: Between 300-500 based on our previous records

What-is-project: To develop a community advocacy center that will be open as a drop in center during daytime hours and some evenings. The heart of the project is to be available to those who are seeking community as an inclusive space to:

First and foremost establish relationships with those who are isolated on the margins of society by hosting daily events (tea-times, book clubs, art and crafts)
Identify areas of need for those struggling to navigate services and get back on their feet and offer guidance on available resources in the city
Advocacy through relationship – we will offer a commitment to walk alongside those who are isolated and dealing with adverse circumstances. To lift up, empower and ensure that each person is seen, known and heard.
To identify those at-risk and in crisis and provide emergency response and follow up advocacy experienced first-hand that many people struggle to get the help they need because of a lack of social support and community. A disconnection from others and from mainstream society contributes to a loss of identity and self-value that stops people from accessing the help that they need and keeps them stuck in destructive cycle. We believe that people were meant to be in relationship with another. Relationship has been at the heart of our ministry and we have has the privilege of seeing people flourish simply from having a friend to advocate for them and walk with them through the challenges and setbacks and celebrate the joys and successes. Furthermore, we believe all relationship is reciprocal and when people realize they themselves have something to offer and give it plays an important part in their restoration. This has never been more important. Homelessness is increasing despite the large number of services and organizations that are available to help. We believe this project will bridge the gap and increase the effectiveness of the services available in Long Beach.

How-will-you-succeed: We plan to start a case for each person we advocate for, documenting resources accessed and progress made towards rehousing, treatment programs, employment and re engagement in the community. We will recruit and train volunteers who are willing to give their time to advocate for a person or family. This will help sustain the work of the project as it develops and grows. We believe that this will also assist in building our community of stakeholders who can help support the continuing work of the project beyond the grant funding. Success will be measured through the number of people participating in the advocacy program and community activities, the development and growth of an educated volunteer workforce, the enhancement of our community and city partnerships evidenced by referrals and recognition of our work by local services and resource centers. With final goals of transitioning those we serve to permanent housing, rehabilitation programs, or transitional living.

Who-are-you: BFH is a 501c3 non-profit established in to serve at homeless and at-risk men, women and children through relationship and community. From humble beginnings in the park to our community breakfasts serving 200 people each week at our building at 439 West Anaheim street. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and funded by donations. The heart of our ministry has been understanding the importance of an empowering and reciprocal relationship in the journey of healing and restoration and we have witnessed the effect of this through many transformative encounters throughout the years of our work. Our successes have been evidenced through our relationships many people who have struggled to engage with other services. We have worked alongside the City of Long Beach, the Multi-Service center, The Long Beach rescue mission, Urban Community Outreach and Catholic Charities. We have coordinated back to school events for the community as well as providing a relational mentorship ministries with at-risk youth whose families have engaged with our ministry. The last 6 months has seen many changes take place as we refine and focus our mission to the following areas:
-The establishment of a relational transitional home that is housing 4 men and a family
-A city funded partnership as part of a city initiative to transport those who are at immediate risk to motels. BFH was chosen as the partner agency who will be transporting those in crisis once they are identified by LBPD
-A food distribution service to local families and flower distribution to a convalescent home
-Regular weekly activities and mentorship with at-risk youth

We are imminently moving to a smaller building to launch our community drop in and advocacy center which is the purpose of this grant