LINC Housing – 2019 Impact

2019 Strategic Grant

2019-05-30 16:25:16

Legal-name: LINC Housing Corporation

Previous-name: LINC, LINC Housing

Address: 3590 Elm Ave.

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90807

Tax-id: 33-0578620

Organizational-status: 501(c)(3)


Ranking-title: Rebecca Clark, President and CEO

Budget: $9,569,886

First-name: Stacey Slevcove

Title: Corporate Development Manager

Tel-952: 5624811007


Textarea-499: LINC Housing requests grant funding to support transition age youth who have experienced homelessness, now living at The Palace, by launching intensive case management services.

Total-cost: $20,000

Grant-amount: $20,000

How-many-years: 1

How-many-individuals: 15

What-is-project: The Palace is LINC’s supportive housing community in Long Beach that is home to 13 transition age youth (TAY) who previously experienced homelessness within the city. LINC’s resident services division, LINC Cares, is piloting expanded services for Palace residents. We are requesting grant funding to fill a gap in the program we are building – intensive case management services provided by experienced staff for residents who currently don’t have a case manager from another agency or who need additional support to achieve stability.

The Palace provides supportive housing for one of our city’s most vulnerable populations. TAY at The Palace are between age 18 and 25; new applicants are typically age 18-23. Many are former foster youth and two currently have young children. Three TAY are receiving services from United Friends of the Children, two are receiving services from Mental Health America LA and one resident referred from the LGBT Center also has a case manager. Residents recently placed at The Palace by the Long Beach Department of Health Services (LBDHHS) Multi-Service Center have more complex mental and physical health needs than previous residents and do not currently have a dedicated case manager.

While a partner previously coordinated services at The Palace, LINC launched our LINC Cares programs in late 2018. Staff worked closely with partners to fill vacant units and assess resident needs. In early 2019, LINC received a grant from Dignity Health–St. Mary Medical Center to pilot expanded health programs. Our Community Engagement Coordinator has been implementing programs such as health education and healthcare navigation in partnership with LBDHHS, a food bank distribution in partnership with Southern California Food Bank, nutrition/cooking classes, and community-building social events. Additional health education, life skills, and exercise/wellness classes will take place in the second half of the year. Staff have recognized the need for additional assessment and support in the areas of education/career development, mental health, and community integration. Palace residents with complex needs would benefit from additional crisis management and behavioral health support, which LINC hopes to provide through this grant. An experienced staff member contracted to start up these intensive case management services will build LINC’s capacity to provide the in depth support our residents need to stabilize in housing.

At age 24 and a half, when a resident has been stable for more than a year, or when ready, they are provided a housing voucher from the Housing Authority and provided assistance in identifying their next appropriate permanent housing situation. Having the additional expert support available and building LINC’s experience in intensive case management will help fill the gaps needed for residents to achieve stability and better prepare for their next steps to find the place they will call home when it comes time to leave The Palace.

How-will-you-succeed: LINC’s goals for this project will be completing an assessment with Palace residents and creating individualized work plans for the areas of education/career development, mental health, and community integration. Residents will also receive crisis support as needed. These steps will help Palace residents better utilize the new LINC Cares programs onsite to the fullest extent and identify other services they might need to reach their goals. Personalized support in health navigation, community-building activities, and increased access to health programs will increase access to care, increase health knowledge, and improve health-related behaviors. The added focus on these areas will better prepare Palace residents for when the time comes to find an apartment of their own outside the Palace.

Additionally, LINC will be successful if the contracted position furthers the creation of policies and procedures for LINC’s provision of intensive case management services. Our goals also include building a strong support system for LINC Cares staff who work with high need populations and can encounter challenging situations while assisting residents. Like the expanded health programs and partnerships at The Palace, this work is meant to expand our capacity and inform services that will be provided at future LINC Housing communities in Long Beach, such as The Spark, a 95-unit building currently under construction at 1900 Long Beach Blvd.

LINC is currently working to become a Los Angeles County Department of Health Services provider for Intensive Case Management Services. If the process is completed during the grant year and LINC negotiates a DHS contract to serve the formerly homeless TAY at The Palace, this would provide a sustainable source of funds for LINC staff at The Palace for provision of supportive services beginning in 2020. With a staff member available for service coordination, LINC can continue to work with local partners, such as St. Mary Medical Center and the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services, as well as others who offer health education resources to the community, to bring in additional programs. LINC will continue to commit support for senior staff oversight, data collection, and volunteer management for programs at The Palace. LINC’s existing foundation and business relationships, alongside the exponential growth of our work within Long Beach taking place, will provide opportunities for LINC to secure additional contributions for supplementary program costs in subsequent years. In addition to funding from Dignity Health, LINC also secured $5,000 from Supervisor Janice Hahn’s office to support art programs at The Palace, in partnership with City HeART, which will take place this summer.

Who-are-you: LINC Housing’s mission is to build communities and strengthen neighborhoods for people underserved by the marketplace. LINC builds, renovates, and preserves sustainable affordable homes for seniors, families, and special needs populations. Since 1984, we have developed more than 8,000 affordable homes. Approximately 12,000 residents currently live in LINC communities. Based in Long Beach, most of our properties are in the greater L.A. area. LINC Cares, our resident services division initiated in 2004, helps families, seniors, and residents with special needs improve household stability and quality of life. LINC Cares addresses residents’ social, educational, financial, and healthcare needs. LINC volunteers donated more than 3,245 hours of service in 2018 supporting ten daily after-school programs, more than 60 health and wellbeing activities, six job readiness workshops, five bi-weekly food banks and numerous community-building activities.

LINC is working hard to scale up the production of supportive housing in L.A. County to address the crisis of homelessness, including several communities in construction and predevelopment in Long Beach. In 2016, LINC identified our hometown of Long Beach as a top priority for partnership-driven community development.

Rebecca Clark, President and CEO has more than 25 years’ experience, including leading nonprofit companies and consulting on governance and organizational development. Chief Operating Officer Suny Lay Chang works with the CEO to lead key initiatives, including strategic goals, stakeholder partnerships, and internal planning. Suny also leads housing development operations including partnerships and project financing. Maria Marquez-Brookes, Assistant Vice President of Resident Services, leads LINC Cares with more than 20 years’ experience in program development, community organizing, advocacy, direct service delivery and grassroots policy change. Information on LINC’s 13 board members can be found at

LINC’s growing pipeline includes communities with supportive housing for those who have experienced homelessness. LINC continues to identify cross-sector partners, utilize new funding sources, and vet new sites for affordable/supportive housing. LINC Cares builds multi-faceted partnerships and provides direct services while also enhancing supportive housing procedures. At The Palace, partners include:
•LBDHHS & Multi-Service Center: referrals, health education, healthcare navigation, mobile health screenings
•Mental Health America Los Angeles: referrals/case management, TAY life skills classes, staff training
•Dignity Health SMMC: health education and support groups as needed
•Groundworks Fitness: yoga and exercise classes, additional health education
•City HeART: therapeutic art classes
•Southern California Food Bank
•United Friends of the Children: case management
•Long Beach Economic Development Department/Pacific Gateway: workforce development