The Children’s Clinic, Serving Children and Their Families – Relief

2020-04-03 13:35:03

AreYouANonprofit: No

Legal-name: The Children’s Clinic, Serving Children and Their Families

Previous-name: TCC Family Health, TCC

Address: 701 East 28th Street, Suite 200

City: Long Beach

State: California

Zip: 90806

Tax-id: 95-1643332

Organizational-status: 501(c)(3) nonprofit


Officer: Elisa Nicholas, MD, MSPH, CEO

Annual: $35,068,000

ContactName: Penelope Leon

Title: Chief Development & Communications Officer

Tel-952: (562) 264-4647



GrantPurpose: TCC Family Health is requesting $20,000 to purchase the supplies which are needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes PPE, hand sanitizers; masks, laptops, cleaning supplies; and additional cleaning services.

TotalCost: TBD

Requestedamount: $20,000

Periodoftime: April 2020 – September 2020

Audienceserved: Multicultural, multi-ethnic underserved, low-income, children, youth, adults and seniors throughout the 9 Long Beach Districts (0-9).

Demoofaudience: TCC’s current patients are 58.3% Latino, 12.3% African-American, 12.1% Asian (primarily Cambodian), 14.9% White, 1.1% American Indian/Alaskan Native, .8% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and .5% other races and ethnicities. In our patient base, over 70% are 100% and below FPL, and nearly 17% are between 101% and 200% of FPL. 71% are Medi-Cal covered, and 20-25% are uninsured. Over half of TCC patients (20,849) are ages 0-21, of which 5,312 are under the age of 3. Adults 21 and older make up 19,227 of our patients.

Numberofserved: 40,076

District: All 9 Long Beach districts will benefit from this project.

Funding: Immediately

1. What disaster recovery service have already been provided? : • All patients calling our (844) 822-4646 main line are being screened for COVID-19 symptoms, travel, and exposure. Nursing and/or a provider is asking patients with mild symptoms without chronic disease or increased age to stay home and giving supportive care instructions.
• All patients are being screened in tents at the front of our clinics and our administrative site for symptoms or risk factors of COVID-19 and being asked to wait outdoors for evaluation if positive. A provider team then evaluates the patient outdoors and determines disposition. TCC is able to now test patients for COVID-19.
• Rapid flu and strep testing are being done along with viral panels when appropriate.
• Providers who are at home due to childcare issues with the schools being closed are acting as on call physicians taking calls, doing refills, and going through the electronic medical record in-baskets in order to support the onsite physicians.
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hand sanitizers etc. are being ordered at maximum numbers although no new supplies have arrived to date.
• TCC is allowing some telecommuting to support social distancing.

2. What disaster recovery service will be provided by this grant? : Support from the Long Beach Community Foundation will help back fill the extreme revenue losses we are experiencing and increased expenses we are accruing. Unrestricted funding is needed to purchase supplies needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. What individuals (and/or organizations) will you assist? : TCC serves over 40,000 low-income children, youth, adults and seniorts every year. TCC is the largest independent health provider of services to low-income populations in the greater Long Beach geographic area. TCC’s health centers are strategically located in the most economically challenged neighborhoods in our city and offer extended hours, convenient sites, care coordination, social and behavioral health services, medical-legal partnership, health education and enabling (non-clinical) services.

4. What other disaster recovery funds have you received? What amount?: Health Resources Services Administration – $86,355

5. What other disaster recovery funds have you applied for?: Local foundations, Kaiser/National Council for Homeless, Health Net, Ahmanson, United Way



Budget 2nd Submission: