YMCA of Greater Long Beach – Relief

AreYouANonprofit: Yes

Legal-name: YMCA of Greater Long Beach

Previous-name: Additional info: Early Childhood Education branch

Address: 3605 Long Beach Blvd, Ste 210

City: Long Beach

State: California

Zip: 90807

Tax-id: 95-1643396

Organizational-status: 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Url-167: http://www.lbymca.org

Officer: Alfredo Velasco, President & CEO

Annual: $24,732,012

ContactName: Andrea Sulsona

Title: Executive Director

Tel-952: 562-279-1624

SecondaryPhone: 562-234-5930

Email-765: andrea.sulsona@lbymca.org

GrantPurpose: To provide a technology device, Chromebook, to preschoolers attending the YMCA of Greater Long Beach, Early Education branch.

TotalCost: $20,000

Requestedamount: $20,000

Periodoftime: Duration of COVID19 crisis and school closure.

Audienceserved: Low income children and their families in the YMCA of Greater Long Beach Early Childhood Education program.

Demoofaudience: Children 3-5 and their families. The majority of our 500 participant enrollment is Hispanic and African American children living in Long Beach.

Numberofserved: 200

District: District 6,8 and 9.

Funding: Immediately

1. What disaster recovery service have already been provided? : The YMCA of Greater Long Beach Early Childhood Education (ECE) branch offers preschool programs daily for children, 18 months to 5 years, with school readiness skills through activities that promote children’s literacy, language, academic and social development. Prompted by the COVID19 “Safer at Home” Order, by the City of Long Beach, County of Los Angeles, and State of California, YMCA ECE sites are now closed. On March 23rd, non-exempt ECE staff pivoted their skills by transitioning to developing curriculum and lesson plans to support a new distance e-learning model of early childhood education. Our e-learning curriculum offers a variety of video lessons on our YouTube channel. Additionally, through our partnership with the Mayors Fund for Education, Ready Rosie is available for our students. A partnership with ABC mouse.com is allowing our families to have free access to the educational web platform. Weekly phone call check-ins are also scheduled with every single child & parent in our program. Upon engaging and implementing this new method of education, it became apparent that while there was support and enthusiasm to continue their child’s school readiness, there is a gap in access to technology for families. Nearly 40% of our families, 200 families, do not have access to a technology device to connect to distance e-learning. 90% of a human brain develops before the age of five. It is critical that children have the materials necessary to access distance e-learning. Our goal is to support families to continue developing children’s learning while they are home together and away from the classroom. This supportive service/educational model will continue to be delivered to families over the entire duration of the COVID19 closure.
Additional support YMCA of Greater Long Beach ECE program families includes meal service. Monday through Friday families may pick up a free breakfast and lunch at three of our ECE sites all located in Long Beach. The CDC states that there is a direct link to healthy eating and access to food with academic achievement.

2. What disaster recovery service will be provided by this grant? : To assist the 40% of families without access to a technology device to connect to distance e-learning, funding from the Long Beach Community Foundation Disaster Relief grant would allow the YMCA of Greater Long Beach to purchase 200 Chromebooks to check out to families who are disadvantaged through the gap in access to technology. Early childhood years are of critical importance vital to cognitive growth for a child and the YMCA has an opportunity to provide e-learning for all 500 students through web based learning. Through local internet provider Spectrum, families that need access to the internet for learning. With funding, early childhood education for 200 families may resume via Chromebooks issued to them.

3. What organization and or individuals will you assist? : If awarded, this funding opportunity would allow the YMCA of Greater Long Beach to assist 200 families from underprivileged parts of Long Beach including, but not limited, to those residents in District 6,8 and 9.

4. What other disaster recovery funds have you received? What amount?: Through a newly formed partnership with human-I-T, Chromebooks would be offered at a reduced rate ($100 per Chromebook) to allow for the best use of funds from the Long Beach Community Foundation Disaster Relief grant. Both human-I-T and the YMCA share in a common goal of supporting low-income families; families meet the 70% median income eligibility from the State of California.

5. What other disaster recovery funds have you applied for?: The YMCA will further evaluate the CARES Act and apply for funding if recommend by legal team.