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2020 Fennie Community Fund

2020-06-30 16:01:26

Legal-name: Cooper’s Transitional Sober Living House, non-profit


Address: 1991 Caspian Avenue

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90810

Tax-id: EIN: 472326321

Organizational-status: non-profit allowable activities under IRS 501(c)(3) “sober living group home”


Officer-firstname: Barbara

Officer-lastname: Bay

Officer-title: CEO/President

Mission: Cooper’s Sober Living Transitional House provides non-profit residential and sober living facilities in Long Beach, for recovering men, and to aid in reuniting separated families.

Budget: to be determined, p&l, accounting to be filed

ContactFirstName: Barbara

ContactLastName: Bay

ContactTitle: CEO/CFO

Primary-phone: 562-337-1778

Secondary-phone: 714-837-0009


Grant-purpose: to perform improvements on property for the tenants (numbering 7 to 13 individuals — males), to provide recreational, educational, therapy, family reunification services, social services, recovery and rehabilitation for tenants.

New-existing: Existing

Total-cost: $60,000.00 (estimated at $35000 a month basic budget)

Grant-amount: $36,000.00

How-many-individuals: 7 to 13 in-house full-time tenants (all male), up to 20 men as out-patient/participants in group sessions

What-is-project: Cooper’s Sober Living Transitional Housing at 1991 Caspian Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90810, located off Santa Fe, South of Wardlow Road on the West Side, has been serving the local community of all races and creeds, men only, in a supervised residential facility,
consisting of 5 double-occupancy bedrooms, a large living room, 3 bathrooms, kitchen facilities, dining room, recreational equipment. Cooper’s Sober Living provides needed recovery and rehabilitation services to the alcohol and drug dependent recovery male population where family (spouse, baby-momma and children) reunification is emphasized and encouraged. We are a non-profit,
California Corporation (C-3720108) filed on October 14, 2014 with the Secretary of State.

How-will-you-succeed: Funding will assist the program in updating and improving facilities, providing a resource for transportation for residents, funds may be used for supportive social services, including professional counseling, therapists, group therapy leaders and drug and alcohol testing, as needed. Cooper’s Sober Living Transitional House will seek supplemental funding to continue programming into successive years. Board of Directors will be formed and fund-raising within the greater Long Beach Community will be our goal.

Who-are-you: I am a ordained minister and pastor of Chapel of Praise, a Non-Denominational Outreach Ministry where I have served as a spiritual counselor and minister for over 30 years. I have shepherded several different evangelical congregations in the Long Beach area as a
part-time and full-time pastor. I have participated in a wide variety of non-discriminatory, non-preferential religious and recovery programs, encouraging self-esteem, sobriety and responsible parenting amongst my congregants.