Edwin and Dorothy Baker Foundation – Fennie

2020 Fennie Community Fund

2020-06-30 15:53:59

Legal-name: Edwin and Dorothy Baker Foundation

Previous-name: DAYS Long Beach

Address: 1230 E Wardlow Road

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90807

Tax-id: 33-0851176

Organizational-status: nonprofit 501(c)(3)

Website: http://www.dayslb.org

Officer-firstname: Robert

Officer-lastname: Stapp

Officer-title: Board Chair

Mission: DAYS Long Beach mission is to help improve the physical, mental and emotional development of children and families in the Long Beach area.

Budget: 115,205

ContactFirstName: Nancy

ContactLastName: Valencia

ContactTitle: Executive Director

Primary-phone: 562 234-2851

Secondary-phone: 562 424-4301

Email-765: nancy.valencia@dayslb.org

Grant-purpose: DAYS Long Beach will provide rent assistance, pay essential bills and provide groceries to approximately 50-60 families.

New-existing: Existing

Total-cost: 20,000

Grant-amount: 10,000

How-many-individuals: 250 individuals

What-is-project: The most immediate need is to continue to address food uncertainties, and provide financial support to pay essential bills such as rent, electricity and phone in order to help the families shelter in place. DAYS Long Beach in partnership with Urban Community Outreach has provided groceries and rent assistance over the last several months. This support will be essential for the upcoming months, though the timeline may be reassessed as the information about the spread of Covid-19 is updated.

How-will-you-succeed: We continue to search and apply for other public and private grants that might be available. We have distributed a matching fund solicitation letter and have received an impressive response. We anticipate the long term needs of our families to be greater than the funds we are requesting today. Our hope is to continue to build on this grant by asking our funders to support the COVID-19 need. We are ready to send out this request immediately if we are awarded funds from the Community Foundation.

Who-are-you: In 1970, community activist Dorothy Baker recognized a lack of educational opportunities for marginalized youth in downtown Long Beach. She secured a grant and received donated space from the First Congregational Church to open a free summer day camp that would ensure children of all economic backgrounds had access to safe, instructive activities. The program, Downtown Associated Youth Services (DAYS), quickly expanded to meet emerging community needs and began offering services on a year-round basis. Incorporated in 1990, DAYS Long Beach was formed as a non-profit organization committed to continuing this important work. Our organization has made a focused effort on developing and implementing a continuum of services to fill the gaps in education and support what marginalized youth are experiencing in under-resourced areas of central and north Long Beach. DAYSLB provides programming in 3 areas: Youth Education and Development , Leadership and Academic Success and Parent Engagement. In response to the mid-March, shelter in place orders, DAYS LB reached out to several organizations offering support. We quickly developed a plan with our longtime partners, Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition and with other nonprofits. DAYS Long Beach became the fiscal sponsor for the Long Beach COVID-19 Undocumented Community Relief Fund. DAYSLB Board decided to use their reserves to hire a LB COVID-19 Project Coordinator to oversee, manage, and coordinate the application process, data collection and distribution of funds received from the fund. We work daily to fulfill the financial needs of our Undocumented community. DAYSLB also recognized the need to provide groceries and distribute funds for rent. We looked to our most recent partner, Urban Community Outreach (UCO), to learn more about this new undertaking. Every Thursday, DAYSLB and UCO Executive Directors travel around the city picking up food donations and purchasing non-perishable goods for Sunday afternoon distribution to hundreds of individuals and their families. We listened to our families and discovered who needed rent assistance. These two examples, convey our commitment to the children, youth and their families in Long Beach. The strengthen of DAYSLB lies in the ability to be flexible, adjust as needed, partner with a variety of organizations and of course, the dedication of the DAYSLB Board of Directors. The majority of awarded funds will go directly support to vulnerable children, youth and families. Keeping true to our commitment, a very small portion will be allocated for our Project Coordinator.