Precious Lamb Preschool – Fennie

2020 Fennie Community Fund

2020-06-09 11:11:54

Legal-name: Precious Lamb Preschool


Address: 2005 Palo Verde Ave PMB 301

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90815

Tax-id: 95-4772800

Organizational-status: 501 (c) 3


Officer-firstname: Lailanie

Officer-lastname: Jones

Officer-title: Executive Director

Mission: Breaking the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time.

Budget: 669,200

ContactFirstName: Erin

ContactLastName: Wilson

ContactTitle: Development Director

Primary-phone: 562-221-6276

Secondary-phone: 562-243-1743


Grant-purpose: Support for our food program, which provides a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack daily, for up to 100 children experiencing homelessness, annually.

New-existing-project: Existing

Total-cost: 40,000

Grant-amount: 10,000

How-many-individuals: 100

What-is-project: We are requesting funding for our school’s food program, which provides a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack, prepared by our own cook from fresh ingredients, for up to 35 homeless children a day. Because every one of our students is currently experiencing homelessness, they are also living under the poverty line and their family is receiving food stamps and other forms of government support. Healthy, sustainable food is not really an option for them and their families. Our students spend up to 8 hours a day at school and consume over half of their daily calories with us, so the school nutrition environment can help shape lifelong healthy eating behaviors. A healthy diet can have a profound effect on children’s health, helping to maintain a healthy weight, stabilize moods, and sharpen minds, and prevent mental health conditions.
Students also learn important life skills, such as table manners, grasping utensils, drinking out of an open cup, clearing the table, etc.

How-will-you-succeed: We will determine success using data -driven input, such as as how many children were fed each week, and the variety of meals served, etc. Our food program director develops a monthly meal calendar and does all the shopping, and keeps record of everything purchased and prepared. Kids often say they love eating at Precious Lamb, and we feel we achieved our goal when they head back to their home or shelter with satisfied tummies. The food program is written into our regular budget, and can be sustained through donor giving, though due to Covid-19 our income is less stable due to the potential cancellation of our major fundraisers.

Who-are-you: Precious Lamb Preschool is a unique early education center designated for children facing homelessness in the greater Long Beach area. In a low 1:4 ratio classroom setting, students are given a nurturing, trauma-nuanced early education, with emphasis on treating the entire family by offering parent mentoring and family events.
Founded in 1999 in response to the lack of free high quality preschools for homeless and at-risk families in Long Beach, Precious Lamb opened the doors to its first students in 2002. We are fully funded through private donations and do not receive any government support.