Yuri Williams – Fennie

2020 Fennie Community Fund

2020-06-29 14:45:01

Legal-name: Yuri Williams

Previous-name: YURI

Address: 4470 Atlantic Ave, 7843

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90807

Tax-id: 82-5450539

Organizational-status: 501(c)(3)


Officer-firstname: Yuri

Officer-lastname: Williams

Officer-title: Founder

Mission: MISSION

To provide essential supportive services, emergency services, and diversion to animals,houseless, veterans,elderly, men, women, disabled, ill and children; as we help them return to stable, permanent homes as quickly as possible.

Budget: 30,000

ContactFirstName: Yuri

ContactLastName: Williams

ContactTitle: Founder

Primary-phone: 5629991304

Secondary-phone: 5629991304


Grant-purpose: To provide essential services and other services such as educational needs to homeless youth or youth at risk of becoming homeless.

New-existing: New

Total-cost: 13,000

Grant-amount: 10,000

How-many-individuals: 1000

What-is-project: Due to the school closure, our homeless youth population struggled to access the school curriculum and the achievement gap continues to widen for this population. LBUSD provided chromebooks to all students, however, there wasn’t enough working WiFi hotspots devices for all homeless students. Many of our student that are currently homeless and at risk of becoming homeless struggled to complete their home assignments and projects because they do not have writing paper, pencil, crayon/markers or white boards. As we continue online learning for the coming school year, students need to access curriculum and participate in online lessons by having the basic at “home school” supplies to feel successful.

How-will-you-succeed: In order to determine, if the program was successful we will collaborate with the LBUSD Homeless Unit and School Counselors at school sites that have the highest rate of homeless students. School Counselors will help us track attendance in online learning classes. For example, the School Counselor at Whittier Elementary in Central Long Beach has 100 students that are homeless and do not have the basic educational supplies to access their education.

Who-are-you: AFutureSuperhero And Friends is 100% fit for the this work because we have become specialist in this homeless youth since 2009. We have traveled all 50 states twice and are very familiar with the homeless population and the different demographics that land people in their current situation. I began my mission in the skid row area which is the most populated area of homeless. I started there because you have every form of homeless from children to the elderly, there I trained myself to understanding how to build relationships and gain trust in order to provide the services needed to help get people off the streets. I am very familiar with children who experience homelessness due to also working for the Probation department mental health unit for over twenty years. We are also very familiar with the Long Beach homeless population as we have worked with US vets and had also held several park events to service the homeless population. Our aim is to service the youth with the essential items need to make it to the next day and help those who are currently housed in the homeless environment and provide them with educational services for youth at risk of becoming homeless in the city of Long Beach. We are also working with LBUSD School Counselors and teachers which have the highest need, for example, Lincoln, Whittier, Roosevelt and Stevenson. We are collaborating with Rocio Torres who is a school counselor in LBUSD and she continues to advocate for collaboration between schools and community non profits.