City of Long Beach NLP- Healthy

2020 Healthy Kids Coalition Fund

2020-06-30 14:51:50

Legal-name: The Long Beach Community Investment Company

Previous-name: City of Long Beach, Neighborhood Leadership Program

Address: 411 W. Ocean Blvd., Third Floor

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90802

Tax-id: 33-0383339

Organizational-status: 501(c)(3)


Officer-firstname: Oscar

Officer-lastname: Orci

Officer-title: President

Mission: The LBCIC advises the Long Beach City Council regarding delivery of housing and neighborhood revitalization services, use of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, and ongoing administration of the City’s affordable housing funds. The LBCIC is comprised of a seven (7) member Board of Directors.
The LBCIC presents an opportunity to consolidate community services, reduce redundancies, increase efficiencies, and enhance delivery of related programs and services.
Pursuit of the City’s goals to eliminate blight, create economic opportunities, provide affordable housing, and revitalize neighborhoods is possible through the consolidated and streamlined LBCIC.

Budget: $498,800,000

ContactFirstName: Margaret

ContactLastName: Madden

Title: Neighborhood Improvement Officer

Primary-phone: (562) 570-6830

Secondary-phone: (562) 570-6866


Grantpurpose: Sponsorship of two resident-led projects that will bring address basic healthcare needs including dental and nutritional health awareness to Long Beach youth.

New-existing: Existing

Total-cost: $87,932

Grant-amount: $2,000

How-many-individuals: 115

What-is-project: The sponsorship will fund two Neighborhood Leadership Program ( Class of 2021 projects to underserved Long Beach youth. One project will focus on providing dental health awareness to LBUSD students and the other will promote healthy eating and healthy activity to students. The projects will be planned and implemented by residents participating in the Neighborhood Leadership Program Class of 2021. Bilingual Spanish/Khmer/Tagalog interpretation will be available for non-English speaking residents to fully participate in this learning process.

How-will-you-succeed: The projects will include pre-testing and post-testing for youth and families that participate in the event to show how much they understand the importance of dental health and nutrition and exercise. We will also include a pledge for participants to make a pledge to implement their new healthy habits.

Who-are-you: Since 1992, the Neighborhood Leadership Program has trained over 750 residents to become more effective grassroots neighborhood leaders. The training helps the residents of underserved communities better advocate and the need in their communities and learn how to write grant proposals and organize community events to address needs of families and children in their neighborhoods. The Long Beach Community Investment Company has been our fiscal agent partner to help our underserved communities since 2018.