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2020 Healthy Kids Coalition Fund

2020-06-30 13:42:20

Legal-name: Sound Body Sound Mind Foundation


Address: 1001 Gayley Avenue, 2nd Floor, Suite #20

City: Los Angeles

State: CA

Zip: 90024

Tax-id: 20-3604882

Organizational-status: 501 (c) (3)


Officer-firstname: William

Officer-lastname: Simon, Jr.

Officer-title: Co-founder, Chairman

Mission: To promote self-confidence and healthy lifestyle choices among today’s youth.

Budget: $777,716

ContactFirstName: Matthew

ContactLastName: Flesock

Title: Executive Director

Primary-phone: 714-322-2279

Secondary-phone: 516-314-2327


Grantpurpose: To provide preventative maintenance and equipment repairs for fitness centers in our current and future Long Beach schools.

New-existing: New

Total-cost: $3,000

Grant-amount: $3,000

How-many-individuals: 4,700

What-is-project: In 2018, the Sound Body Sound Mind Foundation (SBSM) began a partnership with the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), to provide middle schools and high schools with our comprehensive physical education program, which includes state-of-the-art fitness centers and innovative wellness curriculums. SBSM would like to provide our current and future LBUSD schools with funding for preventative maintenance, equipment repairs, and program enhancements. To date, SBSM has invested $160,000 in four LBUSD middle schools (Charles Evans Hughes Middle School, George Washington Middle School, Franklin Classical Middle School, and Marshall Academy of the Arts) to ensure students have access to the full resources needed to create and maintain healthy, physical fitness habits. A $3,000 grant from the Long Beach Community Foundation will help extend the longevity of multiple LBUSD school fitness centers and prevent schools from diverting funds away from their already limited budgets.

SBSM provides a full array of physical education resources to schools, primarily in underserved communities, and for students who would otherwise not have the access. These resources provide students with the knowledge and understanding of how important it is to live an active and healthy life. To emphasize our effort in striving to provide access for the underserved and under-resourced, 68% of students across all LBUSD schools receive free or reduced priced lunch, an indicator of high economic need.

It is vital that students who attend a SBSM school in Long Beach have the appropriate, fully-functional resources at their disposal. Without continued investment in the SBSM infrastructure on a school campus, students will lose a reliable and safe place to practice the necessary habits to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

How-will-you-succeed: To show success of the grant, SBSM will complete preventative maintenance visits for all schools and exhaust all funds. SBSM recommends every school have two preventative maintenance visits per year. With each visit costing $150 ($1,200 for all four schools per year), the remaining grant funds will cover the cost of repairs for the school(s) that are no longer under warranty. If there are remaining funds after all preventative maintenance visits and repairs, these funds will carry over into the next school year.

After grant funding is expended, SBSM will be able to sustain the program through a new maintenance fund that will be set up for all SBSM LBUSD schools. As SBSM continues to expand throughout the LBUSD, preservation of past fitness centers in SBSM schools will be a priority. Sustaining safe and resourceful fitness centers for the youth of Long Beach is imperative in the fight against childhood obesity .

Over the last two years, SBSM has increased our focus on supporting existing schools through investment in repairs and equipment replacement. Our fundraising efforts are centered on this approach and will continue to allow our program to thrive at all schools, including our LBUSD schools.

Who-are-you: The mission of the Sound Body Sound Mind Foundation is to promote self-confidence and healthy lifestyle choices among today’s youth. Founded in 1998, SBSM aims to eliminate the high rate of childhood obesity and inactivity that affects our community by filling the void of quality fitness resources in Los Angeles County schools, primarily in the most under-served communities.

Since its founding, SBSM has provided 137 middle schools and high schools across Los Angeles County with a comprehensive physical education program that includes state-of-the-art fitness centers, innovative curricula (exercise & nutrition), and professional development. Our curriculum, where the exercises are designed to promote enjoyment of fitness, increases the likelihood of students adopting healthy habits later on in life. The SBSM program demonstrates to students that being active is not only important for lifelong health, but is also fun.

Behind the leadership of our 12-person Board of Directors, the SBSM program reaches far and wide, impacting over 171,000 students annually. Improving the overall health and wellness of children throughout Los Angeles County has always been SBSM’s top priority. While SBSM has continued to expand throughout Los Angeles County, prioritizing the durability of each school’s fitness center remains a crucial aspect of the program.

Over the last 3 years, SBSM has the following major accomplishments:
– Launching our program in the Culver City, Compton and Long Beach Unified School Districts
– Completing expansion to all middle schools and high schools in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
– Developing and launching a new nutrition curriculum
– Professional development training for teachers at over 50 schools with the SBSM program
– Increased funding allocated for maintenance support at past schools
– Launched a comprehensive community health improvement project in the city of Huntington Park, CA