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2020 Healthy Kids Coalition Fund

2020-06-12 12:37:16

Legal-name: terri henry marketing LLC

Previous-name: CANstruction Long Beach organizer

Address: 100 W. 5th Street #8E

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90802

Tax-id: terri henry marketing 45-3729993 / Food Finder 33-0412749

Organizational-status: Food Finders is the fiscal agent for CANstruction. They are a 501(c)3

Website: http://www.canstructionlongbeach.org

Officer-firstname: Terri

Officer-lastname: Henry

Officer-title: Organizer

Mission: Terri Henry Marketing organizes the annual CANstruction Long Beach event benefiting Food Finders. The mission of the event is to help alleviate food insecurity in Long Beach, primarily children and seniors. The event also calls attention to the issue of food insecurity overall.

Budget: $8540

ContactFirstName: Terri

ContactLastName: Henry

Title: Organizer

Primary-phone: 5625724770


Email-765: terri@terrihenrymarketing.com

Grantpurpose: To bring attention to and alleviate food insecurity in Long Beach.

New-existing: Existing

Total-cost: $8540

Grant-amount: $2275

How-many-individuals: Hundreds but exact number is unknown

What-is-project: CANstruction Long Beach is an annual event where teams of architects and engineers design and build 10′ x 10′ x 10′ structures out of canned goods, usually under a theme (www.canstructionlongbeach.org). The structures are on display for 10 days, then dismantled and all the cans are donated to Food Finders. The cans then are delivered to agencies that service the food insecure in our city and are used for Food Finders’ Food 4 Kids program. The 7th annual event takes place October 8-18.

How-will-you-succeed: Since 2014, this event has resulted in over 100,000 pounds of food donated to Food Finders. Each structure uses 2000-3000 cans! The event gets a lot of media coverage every year, so it gets the word out about food insecurity in our community. This being the 7th year, terri henry marketing intends to organize this event every year for the foreseeable future.

Who-are-you: Although CANstruction Long Beach is not a non-profit, its beneficiary and fiscal agent Food Finders is. Food Finders celebrated 30 years of rescuing food in 2019. Terri Henry Marketing has worked with Food Finders since 2013, organizing the first CANstruction in 2014.
Diana Lara, Executive Director, Food Finders
Lisa Hoffmaster, Fund Development Director, Food Finders
Patti Larson, Marketing Manager, Food Finders
Terri Henry, CANstruction organizer, Terri Henry Marketing