California Families in Focus – Katy Stone

2020 Katy Stone Memorial Fund

2020-09-15 17:05:28

Legal-name: California Families in Focus

Previous-name: (CFF)

Tax-id: 41-2039534

Address: 6475 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.

Address2: #191

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90803


Organizational-status: 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Title: CEO and Founder

Salutation: Ms.

First-name: Maria Angel

Last-name: Macias


Tel: 5629008686


Contact-title: CEO and Founder

Contact-salutation: Ms.

Contact-first-name: Maria Angel

Contact-last-name: Macias


Contact-tel: 5629008686


Grant-amount: $20,000

Grant-title: Roots and Wings Social and Emotional Leaning Program

Grant-purpose: To provide a one year Social and Emotional Learning program focusing on the Mind, Body and Spirit.

How-many-individuals: 75

Total-cost: $250,000

Total-budget: $53,000

New-existing: Existing

What-is-project: California Families in Focus is seeking funding for our Roots and Wings program, which is the umbrella of three main programs that focus on the Mind, Body and Spirit and I believe that we are a perfect fit for the Katy Stone Memorial Fund Grant. The Roots and Wings program incorporates Social and emotional learning, (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. We will recruit 25 teens for our VIP Mentoring Program and work with their mother and their siblings for a period of one year by enrolling them in the following programs.

1. Familia Y Fortaleza (Family and Strength) Parenting and Entrepreneurial Program for mothers, focuses on the Mental Health and Wellness of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Certificate programs, such as makeup artist, photographer, jewelry making, t-shirt design or flower arrangement design. Our coordinators assist the mothers in launching their own small business, create social media platforms, business cards and brochures, so they can make extra money to support their families.

2. The VIP Mentoring Program, for teens ages 13-19. Program coordinators match youth with business professionals in their field of interest or college major and we prepare them to be ethical and socially conscience leaders. Monthly workshops focusing on the Mind, Body and Spirit are provided by trained professionals and the Mentors and Mentees attend and learn together.

3. The AMPD Program which focuses on the siblings of the teens ages 5-12 and incorporates Art, Music, Poetry and Dance as tools for communication, self-expression and healing family trauma that may be affecting the Mind, Body and Spirit.

The COVID pandemic has forced us to see the silver lining, which is the possibility of serving more youth because transportation was an issue so we are seeking funding to transition our services to an online platform in order to make it more accessible to youth and their family.

How-will-you-succeed: CFF has a proven record of providing quality, awards winning programs and our ethical youth and adults that are in leadership positions and raising their own families are walking testaments to our impact over the years. However, we understand the importance of demonstrating our impact and we want to have qualitative and quantitative data that we can use to know if our programs have truly been successful. So, we will have the participants, which include teens, mothers, mentors and siblings fill out a pre and post test and an evaluation for each one of the workshops, activities, projects and events they attend. The program coordinators will enter all information into a database which will record each activity and the pre and post answers along with the evaluations of each participant. We will then email the information to a professional team that we will hire to compile the results and send us back a complete report of their findings. Based on the results we will know what worked and what needs improvement and adjust our programs accordingly. We will sustain the program by applying for grants, cultivating our individual sponsors, seeking donations from local businesses, host paid trainings and webinars and ask the women to donate a portion of the money from the goods they sell back to the organization. We will also sell t-shirts and other CFF merchandise that our youth create on our website and ask our community to donate materials and other items we may need. We are investing in our own future and have allocated funding too send five of our members to the Nonprofit Partnership to learn how to write proposals and apply for grants.

Who-are-you: Our mission at California Families in Focus is to develop and provide positive and innovative evens and social service programs for youth and their families to achieve empowerment and purpose. We have over 25 years of experience empowering youth and developing ethical leaders. CFF was started by Angel Macias as a grass roots organization out of a garage and our mission was filling the gaps in services. Our programs, Projects and Events were so successful that we decided to officially become incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in April of 2002 with the help of our Co-Founder Robert Spieth, since then we have been providing Mentoring and Tutoring programs for youth, Leadership and Empowerment programs for adults, Women’s Health Conferences, Empowerment Retreats for gang involved youth , Anti-Bullying and Suicide Prevention conferences, Eco Friendly Youth Fashion Shows and our Signature event Spirit of Christmas now into it’s 18th year where we serve over 1000 women and children living in shelters during the holidays and currently we have been providing direct services to single mothers, senior citizens and home-bound individuals through our COVID response project. Our driving force is our CEO and Founder Angel Macias who uses her past life experiences as an ex-gang member, teen mother and survivor of domestic violence to fuel our passion for identifying and helping the neediest of our community members. We have amazing community support from all sectors such as City Council Members and other elected officials, Local Businesses, LBPD, LBFD, LBUSD, LBCC, CSULB Center for Community Engagement, The Long Beach Mentor Connection, The national Mentoring Partnership, The Long Beach Youth Services Network, Pacific Gateway, The Nonprofit Partnership and many others.




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