College Square Neighborhood Association – Katy Stone

2020 Katy Stone Memorial Fund

2020-09-15 00:39:04

Legal-name: College Square Neighborhood Association


Tax-id: 47-498391 9

Address: Linda Wilson

Address2: 251 Fuego Street

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 908051116


Organizational-status: 501(c)(3)

Title: President

Salutation: Mrs

First-name: Debbie

Last-name: Shelton


Tel: 5624585638


Contact-title: Programs and Events Coordination Director

Contact-salutation: Mrs

Contact-first-name: Linda

Contact-last-name: Wilson


Contact-tel: 3104802248


Grant-amount: 2000

Grant-title: College Square Neighborhood Association

Grant-purpose: Provide supplies, support, safe and healthy alternatives activities opportunities to underserved people in the community.

How-many-individuals: 200

Total-cost: 2000

Total-budget: 5000

New-existing: New

What-is-project: College Square Neighborhood Association promotes multiple events throughout the year based on needs of the target community served. This intent of this project request is to subsidize safe environment relief activities, materials and supplies, as well as the distribution of health and education related information which has become even more vital because of the COVID-19 pandemic’s interruption to the normal mental, emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of the target group families. The Association will work with professional organizations to provide socially-distanced and health conscious limited sponsored relief activities and mentoring or tutoring opportunities.

How-will-you-succeed: The COVID-19 pandemic has created new social, emotional, physical and financial challenges for underserved and disadvantaged groups and families. Many of the target group families have multiple children living in close quarters. Due to the new school models they are required to spend longer hours in these close quarters than usual as well as long less frequent breaks in a less than ideal learning environment. These unprecedented changes in quality of life and environmental routines has caused a need to provide some degree of relief in activities by providing some healthy alternatives. This is an opportunity to be creative in providing programs to address these new circumstance. The number of participates may vary as needs of the target groups change, social distancing space availability may vary and health safety concerns are implemented. Success is measured by actual number of program participants and elements of the program events availability. Program offerings will be communicated through the distribution of newsletters, social media, meeting updates and word of mouth. The longevity of the program will be dependent upon educational institutions operations and class scheduling, following various protocols from CDC, state, and city guidance regulations.

Who-are-you: The College Square Neighborhood Association is a Diverse North Long Beach 9th District neighborhood. The Mission is to be a united neighborhood to build a better community. The Neighborhood Association Partnership Affiliate Program was created to build positive collaborative partnerships between our neighborhood, local businesses and the community.

College Square Neighborhood Association has a desire to nurture the body, mind, and spirit of goal-oriented people of any age, and especially our under-served youth of Long Beach. We look forward to the opportunity to provide new and innovative programs that will allow an opportunity for environmental stressors relief through providing temporary close quarters social distancing alternatives while being an encouragement of physical, mental, and spiritual talents through mentoring and tutoring activities.

The association relies heavily upon the generosity of neighbors and sponsorships from community, corporate partners and well-wishers to finance events, activities and other expense needs.