2020 LBCF Community Impact Grant Application

DEADLINE: All applications must be submitted by Thursday, May 21, 2020.

2020 Impact Grant Focus: Homeless Youth

Grants will be awarded to qualified applicants who administer programs that best address the educational needs of homeless youth or youth at risk of becoming homeless in Long Beach. (Grants can be made to 501(C)(3)s, educational institutions, and government entities. If you have a question about your organization status, please contact us.)  

The online application process for the LBCF Community Impact Grant funding is a two-step process.

  • Step 1: Complete the online Grant Application (below) with required attachments. (Submissions are due no later than 5 pm on Thursday, May 21, 2020)
  • Step 2: Successful candidates whose application is highly aligned with the Board’s Community Impact Focus may be contacted for additional information.

Grants will be awarded based on the program qualifications outlined in the submission and selected by a Board-appointed Grants Selection Committee. The Committee will review submitted applications and make recommendations for funding appropriate projects to the LBCF Board of Directors. The announcement of awards is expected in late May.  

All applicants will receive an automated reply  “Thank you for submitting your application. It has been received and we will reach back out to you at a later date” immediately upon submitting their application. This is the acknowledgment that your application has been received. Please do not contact LBCF to verify that your grant has been received.

Grants will be awarded between $5,000 and $20,000.

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    Answer all three questions. (500 word/3000 character max per question)

    (Describe the project, how it addresses the educational needs of homeless youth or youth at risk of becoming homeless in the City of Long Beach, and why it is the right project to do at this particular moment) 0

    (Explain how you will measure and communicate the results of your work and continue the program in the future)0

    (What makes your nonprofit the right group to do this work? Describe your background, history, mission, leadership, partners, and projects)


    Please upload the following three required supporting documents, your Letter of Intent will be incomplete without them. PDF files are the only acceptable file type, please do not use any special characters in the file name.

    • a) A list of the organization’s governing body and its officers showing business, professional, and community affiliations. Describe how the organization’s Board provides personal contributions of time and financial support.
    • b) A budget narrative that explains major expenses including salaries, capital equipment purchases, collateral, etc.
    • c) A signed letter from the CEO, President, or Executive Director of the 501(c)(3) organization demonstrating their support of the grant application.

    As a potential grantee of a Long Beach Community Foundation Strategic Grant, please be aware of the following. Submission of this proposal indicates your organization’s permission for LBCF staff and Board to review the proposal. Materials submitted to LBCF as part of the proposal process will be used as LBCF deems appropriate. They are not subject to any right of confidentiality unless specifically agreed to in writing by LBCF.

    If you experience technical difficulty during your application submission, please export your application to a MS Word document and email all your required attachments to info@longbeachcf.org so we can troubleshoot the issue for you.