The Long Beach Community Foundation was originally founded in 1996 as the Greater Long Beach Foundation in collaboration with the Estate Planning & Trust Council of Long Beach, local community leaders, and the California Community Foundation. Activities were overseen by the all-volunteer Advisory Board until 2003 when an Executive Director was hired and a small office was opened to bring services closer to the community.

Early in 2006, the Board took another bold step by obtaining nonprofit 501(c)(3) status and incorporating as an independent public charitable organization to focus on the Long Beach community. Having previously operated as an affiliate of the California Community Foundation, Long Beach Community Foundation officially began independent operations in July 2007. To ensure a successful transition, local stakeholders were invited to become Founders in this new entity.

After six years of operating independently, the LBCF Board engaged Greater Horizons as our back-office partner in July 2012. Through this new affiliation LBCF benefits from the independent investment advisory services of Prairie Capital Management. Among many benefits, Greater Horizons provides increased opportunities for fund holders to be more actively engaged in how funds are invested.