Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach – Impact 2020

2020 Community Impact Grant

2020-05-19 14:03:28

Legal-name: Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach


Address: 3635 Long Beach Blvd

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90807

Tax-id: 95-1643977

Organizational-status: 501(c)(3) non-profit


Ranking-title: Donald Rodriguez, CEO

Budget: $2,455,950

Contact-First-name: Donald Rodriguez

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Tel: 562-305-5133


Grant Purpose: Funds will be used to provide essential supplies and resources for our educational programs and staff to operate after-school tutoring, extended learning opportunities, and homework help to 3,500 at-risk and low-income (90%) registered Club members.

Mission: To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.
Our purpose is to provide caring, adult professionals and a safe place for youth to learn and grow where hope and opportunity is provided through life-enhancing programs and character development experiences. Before school, after school, during the summer months and on Friday nights, the Boys & Girls Club of Long Beach engages members in fun and educational activities that help develop a sound moral compass and influence their ability to succeed in life.

Total-cost: $201,660.00

Grant-amount: $20,000.00

How-many-years: 1 Year

How-many-individuals: 3,285

What-is-project: Ninety percent of Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach’s registered Club members are living at or below the poverty line. While 8% of those members do not currently have a home (living in a shelter, family or friend’s residence, or hotel), the remainder are at high risk of becoming homeless. These numbers are exacerbated due to the ever increasing unemployment rate occurring during the COVID-19 crisis.

As a result of these staggering statistics, each of our Club members comes to us with certain and specific needs. For example, some require extra attention in reading, while others have trouble showing up to class on-time, communicating or socializing. That is why Club staff work with each child on their particular needs. We have found that individualized case management, coupled with regular attendance, our nationally recognized educational programming, and a positive attitude give students the best chance to overcome their obstacles and break the cycle of poverty.

Our individualized case management and educational programs consist of the following:

1. Homework help for Club members five to six hours weekly so that they will develop a daily habit of completing assignments and preparing for class.

2. Access to needed technology to write, complete, and print required homework and school work to fill the technology inadequacy at home.

2. Individual or small-group tutoring to help youth gain proficiency and to excel in needed subject areas.

3. Regular implementation of high-yield activities, in which youth participate in fun, intentional activities designed to expose young people to skills and information needed for school success.

4. School-Club-family partnerships to support youth academically.

5. Recognition of all members for their academic achievements.

Your grant will help us to provide essential educational programming and support services to even more of Long Beach’s at-risk and in-need youth and their families. We strongly believe that without the Clubs, our Club members would be more likely to drop out of high school, become teen parents, engage in criminal activity, enter the juvenile justice system or join a local gang – perpetuating the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

How-will-you-succeed: Measurement of achievements are made through quarterly program assessments based on the program participant’s academic and behavioral report cards. Through our partnership with the Long Beach Unified School District, our educational staff are able to access Club members’ academic and behavioral records. From there, staff can cater to the exact needs of each child.

We measure the success of our Educational Programs as the following:

1. Improved student grades, attendance, and behavior at school.

2. At least 90% of Club members achieve on-time grade progression.

3. 100% of high school seniors graduating on time with a plan for after graduation.

4. 75% of Club member’s pursuit of post-secondary education (including college, trade school, or military). (Of these, 85% will be first-generation college students).

Our education programs are a requirement of our membership to Boys & Girls Clubs of America and has full support of the Long Beach Unified School District and our Board of Directors. The program is currently funded by the Farmers Family Exchange Foundation, State Farm, the Gumbiner Foundation, in addition to federal grants through the Office of Justice.

Who-are-you: Long Beach has always had tough neighborhoods, thus in 1939, the Boys Clubs of Long Beach was created to give young boys a place to go rather than causing trouble on the streets. Expanding to include girls in 1991, Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach (BGCLB) has changed the lives of over 300,000 young kids in our 81-year history with our nationally recognized programs and licensed staff.

Currently, our organization serves over 3,500 youth, ages 6-18, through our 11 Clubs located in some of Long Beach’s most underserved areas. The mission of BGCLB is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. To fulfill this mission, we provide programs focusing on education, college readiness, health, leadership, and the arts, with the goal of providing the youth in Long Beach the skills they need to attain self-sufficiency and a productive and successful adulthood.

Specific programs include Andeavor STEM Academy, Anti-Bullying, BE Ready (a transitional program designed to help middle school members prepare for high school), Brent’s Club (alcohol and drug prevention, academic success, career exploration and leadership development), Career Launch, Diplomas 2 Degrees, Healthy Habits, Leaders in Training, Money Matters, onCAMPus (support in higher education exploration and the decision process), Passport to Manhood, Power Hour (homework help), Smart Girls, and Smart Moves.

Additionally, through a partnership with Empowered 4 Life, BGCLB will provide substantive, nutritious snacks and dinners. For some of our youth, the Club is their primary source of food, and they have come to depend upon the sustenance they receive from us.

For 81 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach has remained a community institution. We have navigated times of tragedy and crisis to provide safe places for kids and teens. Today, we are committed more than ever due to the current pandemic crisis, with our organization doing whatever it takes for kids, families and the wider community.