Ebony and Pink Pearls – Impact 2020

2020 Community Impact Grant

2020-05-21 15:37:47

Legal-name: Brandi Marsh


Address: 3373 Pasadena Ave

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90807

Tax-id: 82-1556204

Organizational-status: 501(c)(3)

Url: http://www.ebonyandpinkpearls.org

Ranking-title: CEO/Founder

Budget: $1000

Contact-First-name: Brandi Marsh

Title: CEO Founder

Tel: 562-225-9705

Email: ebonyandpinkpearls@gmail.com

Grant_purpose: To serve at-risk youth in the Long Beach and Los Angeles Community

Mission: Educate, Motivate and Inspire. To help cultivate sisterhood, develop leadership skills, promote academic excellence, and to empower girls to know “I AM MY SISTER’S KEEPER ” Participants accomplish our organization’s mission through our 5 target enrichment programming: Goal Setting, Personal Image & Social Development, Etiquette 101 College and Career Preparation, Leadership Development.

Total-cost: $8000

Grant-amount: $16000

How-many-years: 2 years

How-many-individuals: 25-5o participants

What-is-project: Ebony and Pink Pearls is a mentoring program dedicated to providing educational enrichment services for girls ages 11-18 by providing them with the tools and/or life skills to empower positive self-image, confidence and self-determination to accomplish all their future aspirations. About one in 20 adolescents ages 13 to 17, will experience some form of unaccompanied homelessness over the course of a year, making the target population we serve one of the most vulnerable and at-risk age groups for homelessness (USIC, 2018). The life skills offered are taught with the goal of empowering individuals to have a sense of control over their emotions and subsequent thoughts and actions. They include: goal setting, effective communication, SMART problem solving, and social support building. Goal setting: Life goals give us meaning and purpose to our lives and provide us with motivation during difficult times. Participants learn that keeping focused on the most important goals will help them with making make small and big decisions, which in turn will help them get closer to their goal. Effective communication: Participants are introduced to verbal and nonverbal assertiveness surrounding various life circumstances (i.e. interactions with parents, family, teachers, friends, etc.). Participants learn that successful interaction with others depends on effective communication. SMART problem solving: the goal of problem-solving is to teach participants to examine the various options they have in responding to a situation and to determine the best choice. Whenever possible, participants are encouraged to apply problem-solving tools. Social Support Building: Participants learn that increasing positive support and/or decreasing negative support are also part of the SMART problem solving or actions that can be taken. Participants identify members of their social support network and learn to distinguish between negative versus positive sources of support. It is estimated that approximately 50% of adolescents aging out of foster care and juvenile justice systems will be homeless within six months because they are unprepared to live independently and have limited education and no social support (Covenant House, 2020). We feel the life skills offered can benefit those who are at risk for becoming homeless and those who are homeless. During our second year of operation, we successfully sought after and aligned with other organizations that serviced our target population, with the objective of extending our reach to others who would benefit the most from the services we provide, to include the Department of Children and Family Services. As a faith-based organization, we encourage love and respect for self and others. We feel the life-skills provided our participants is essential for them to effectively navigate the many challenges at-risk youth will face while working to pursue a successful and purposeful life.

How-will-you-succeed: For our project we plan to provide participants and parents with Pre- and Post Surveys to get written feedback of the overall success or things that we can improve for the project.

Who-are-you: Brandi Marsh is the CEO and founder of Ebony and Pink Pearls, a faith-based non-profit organization, offering a mentoring program for girls ages 11-18. Ebony and Pink Pearls strives to promote and encourage young women ages 11-18 to live a life that passionately pursues their purpose. The California native holds a Master’s Degree in school counseling from California State University, Long Beach. Brandi has over 10 years of experience serving as an educator in her local community. In February 2015, the Ebony and Pink Pearls mentoring program was founded by Brandi Marsh to support and challenge young women to rise above societal pressure and live for Christ boldly: regardless of past hurts, failures, or disappointments. The Organization was established with the purpose of equipping young girls with the convictions and tools needed to navigate life and effectively pursue their desired goals. In August 2017, Ebony and Pink Pearls launched its website and successfully established itself as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a total of 6 board members. In June 2018, Ebony and Pink Pearls hosted its first annual Teen Summer Summit with a total of nine girls and six facilitators. The summer session included monthly workshops and sister circles where various life skills were introduced.
The 2019 summer program was even more even more successful with increased enrollment of 20 girls. Two Teen Summits were held, with a number workshops and sister circles to follow. We are able to participate in a number of activities hosted by other non-profit organizations. The mission of Ebony and Pink Pearls is to help cultivate sisterhood, develop leadership skills, promote academic excellence, and empower girls by providing them with educational enrichment services that include; goal setting ,Personal image and development;Use of Social Medial: Understanding the positive and negative effects ;Etiquette 101; Leadership. We have partnered with: Department of Children Family Services (DCFS) ; Paula Bond Founder of Know better Do better; Girl Empowerment Conference. Our projects include Summer Summit: This is full day summit for which invited guest speakers conduct inspirational workshops relevant to the program’s objectives. Sister Circles and Workshops: the workshops include role-playing so that the girls can practice the skills taught, i.e. assertive communication, setting goals, etc. End of the Year Recognition and Fundraising Luncheon: The event is held to celebrate and express gratitude to the Ebony and Pink Pearls girls for their participation in the summer program. The event also serves as the end of year fundraiser. Department of Children and Family Services Holiday Luncheon: As invited participants, Ebony and Pink Pearls give out wrapped Holidays gifts to the foster youth who attend the event. The Board: Brandi Marsh, CEO and Founder;Christina Norman, Secretary;Emmy Hayes, Treasurers: Director of Fundraising Cynthia Lombard & Connie Jackson