California Heights Neighborhood Assc – 2020 Airport

2020 Airport Noise Ordinance Neighborhood Impact Fund

2020-10-01 13:25:48

Legal-name: California Heights Neighborhood Association


Tax-id: 01-0640475

Address: 3553 Atlantic Avenue

Address2: PMB 350

City: Long Beach, CA 90807

State: CA

Zip: 90807


Organizational-status: 501(c)(3)

Title: President

Salutation: Mr.

First-name: Hugh

Last-name: Little


Tel: 717-222-0459

Tel-2: 562-250-4250

Contact-title: Cal Heights board member

Contact-salutation: Mr.

Contact-first-name: Thomas

Contact-last-name: Underhill


Contact-tel: 310-713-6324

Contact-tel-2: 562-492-9955

Grant-amount: $1,937.28

Grant-title: Adopt-A-Highway Safety Equipment Needed for California Heights Neighborhood

Grant-purpose: The grant will supply our volunteers with mandatory safety equipment required for our Adopt-A-Highway activities.

How-many-individuals: Approximately 30,000 individuals, comprising area residents, visitors, and local businesses.

Total-cost: $1,937.28

Total-budget: $35438.05

New-existing: Existing

What-is-project: California Heights Neighborhood Association’s Clean Streets program has been affiliated with Caltrans’ Adopt-A-Highway for several years now. Cal Heights Clean Streets was just awarded volunteer of the year by Caltrans for our twice-a-month cleanups on the section of the 405 Freeway that runs through our local neighborhood. As part of our agreement with Caltrans, we are required to wear specific safety equipment to work on the freeway and the on and off ramps. Our group is 100% volunteers, and providing this equipment would allow more volunteers to participate.

How-will-you-succeed: Our success is clearly visible on our local freeway ramps. For example, during the first three months of the COVID pandemic, Caltrans suspended all Adopt-A-Highway cleanups. When we returned to our normal activities this month, we were met with mountains of trash on our local freeways and streets. We have doubled our current efforts to make up for the lost time, and the ramps are once again clean. This equipment will help sustain our progress by allowing more volunteers to participate, possibly allowing more frequent ramp cleanups.

Who-are-you: The California Heights Neighborhood Association (CHNA) is a nonprofit organization working to promote public knowledge and preservation of historic and architectural resources in the California Heights Historic District. Our projects such as Clean Streets and our Re-Leaf programs enhance the ties that bind and preserve Cal Height’s truly community-oriented nature.

Our goals:
Educate residents to understand and appreciate the architectural qualities of their homes, respect their homes’ special character, and consider themselves “stewards of history.”
Educate residents through newsletters, outreach materials, welcome kits, and quarterly community meetings that present residents with local resources available to plan for sympathetic repairs, restoration and enhancement of their historic properties.
Foster a sense of community by encouraging communication between residents, local businesses, city officials and police to enhance the ties that bind, connect us all as community members and enhance public safety.