Downtown Lions Club Charities Inc – Relief

2020-04-21 20:32:10

Checkbox-571: #1, #5

AreYouANonprofit: Yes

Legal-name: Downtown Lins Club Charities Inc


Address: 4712 E 2nd St #434

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90803

Tax-id: 95-6096685

Organizational-status: 501(c)(3) nonprofit


Officer: Steve Huhta President/CEO

Annual: $48,000 for charitable purposes only, no administration or overhead

ContactName: Kirk Davis

Title: President Elect

Tel-952: 562-235-1402

SecondaryPhone: 562-235-1402


GrantPurpose: The Lions Club will directly help low-income families/individuals affected by COVID-19 to pay for critical expenses; Food, hygiene, and cleaning products

TotalCost: $19,500

Requestedamount: $19,500

Periodoftime: 12 weeks

Audienceserved: Low income families and homebound adults

Demoofaudience: Serving all ages in a community with over 70% of residents classified as people of color. 85% of school children qualify for free or reduced lunch

Numberofserved: Estimate a minimum of 135 if the same families/adults are served every week. More if a family replaces one no longer in need

District: District 1

Funding: Immediately

1. What disaster recovery service have already been provided? : Members have worked on food deliveries to those in need, and support phone calls to the elderly. At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis the Downtown Lions Club Charities immediately began transitioning all group activities to remote platforms. Club members helped in the training of our elderly club members to use social media platforms and Zoom, to connect with friends and family to help avoid the negative mental impacts of isolation. As part of a worldwide organization that is a leader in disaster services, the Downtown Long Beach Lions Club (chartered in 1921) and Downtown Lions Club Charities (Incorporated in 1958) has been there for our city during countless challenges and is ready to serve during this crisis. COVID-19 offers a new challenge in the way we can safely help our community. Our club members will continue to put our kindness in action while keeping health and safety in mind

2. What additional services, above your standard operations, will be conducted with this grant funding? The Downtown Lions Club Charities anticipates directly serving families and adults that are disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 crisis over the course of 12 weeks. LBCF funding will be used to immediately address the severe impact of the historical cultural disparities, and financial impacts of the pandemic. Specifically, funding will be used to supply vouchers for food and essential items to serve low-income adults and families. The funding will also support, when needed, a no contact delivery program to support the purchase and delivery of food and essential items to serve home bound persons

3. What individuals (and/or organizations) will you assist?  Funding will be used to directly support a minimum of 25 identified families and 10 homebound individuals in need, in the 1st District due to the COVID-19 crisis, with assistance from the Washington Neighborhood Association and Puente Latino Association

4. What other disaster recovery funds have you received? What amount?: 0

5. What other disaster recovery funds have you applied for? (: 0