Long Beach Community College District – Relief

2020-04-28 15:04:27

Checkbox-571: #1

AreYouANonprofit: Yes

Legal-name: Long Beach Community College District

Previous-name: Long Beach City College

Address: 1305 E. Pacific Coast Highway

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90806

Tax-id: 95-2654140

Organizational-status: Educational Entity

Url-167: http://lbcc.edu

Officer-firstname: Lou Anne

Officer-lastname: Bynum

Officer-title: Interim Superintendent President

Annual: approximately $188,000,000

ContactFirstName: Justin

ContactLastName: Mendez

Contacttitle: Program Manager, Basic Needs

Tel-952: (562) 938-4756

SecondaryPhone: 562-938-4370

Email-765: jmendez@lbcc.edu

GrantPurpose: To provide for the basic needs, specifically food and transportation, of low-income Long Beach City College (LBCC) students impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

TotalCost: $100,000

Requestedamount: $20,000

Periodoftime: 6 months

Audienceserved: Low-income students at Long Beach City College (LBCC) who are impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Demoofaudience: Low Income students (eligible for federal & state grant aid). Average student age is 21-26. Student body is 88% students of color (59% Hispanic/Latino, 16% African American, 12% White, 10% Asian/Filipino)

Numberofserved: 1200

District: All Long Beach districts will be served, as LBCC provides services to students from all districts.

Funding: Immediately

1. What disaster recovery service have already been provided? : Food Bank:
The basic needs program at LBCC provides referrals and linkage to community agencies as well as need-based limited direct support for housing, dependent on funding. The basic needs program also provides students experiencing homelessness access to the on-campus food pantry. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the food pantry has modified its delivery system to grab-and-go and drive-through grocery distribution to ensure the safety of staff and students. Staff are also working remotely to maintain contact and consistent support for students experiencing homelessness. Grocery gift cards will also be provided to students that have been determined to have a higher level of need.
Emergency Housing Grants:
The basic needs program at LBCC also provides direct grant aid and referral services to students experiencing housing insecurity. In order to respond to the increased number of housing-insecure students, the college has cultivated relationships with local hotel to provide low-cost short- and long-term emergency housing. Students may also receive direct grant aid to help pay for emergency housing as well as to assist with rental or mortgage costs.
Expanded transportation assistance:
In order to ensure that basic needs are met during a crisis, the College has expanded the scope of its cost-free bus pass program for the Long Beach Transit System to include all students impacted during this time of need.

2. What additional services, above your standard operations, will be conducted with this grant funding?: This funding would allow LBCC to support students’ health and safety through grocery and gasoline gift cards. These gift cards ensure students have access to food and personal supplies that fit their dietary and personal needs. They also ensure that students can commute to their workplaces and complete other necessary travel such as medical appointments.

3. What individuals (and/or organizations) will you assist? : Long Beach City College students who are experiencing food and/or basic need instability due to the COVID-19 crisis.

4. What other disaster recovery funds have you received? What amount?: $5000 from United Way of Greater Los Angeles
$14.6 Million from Federal Funding for Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. This funding is from the Department of Education. The funding is restricted to certain uses and limited to only students who meet a stringent federal low-income threshold (Pell-eligible). This funding is not available to many students who have recently become low-income due to the COVID-19 crisis or meet state low-income standards but not federal. Additional funding would allow LBCC to meet the basic needs of all students impacted by this crisis.

5. What other disaster recovery funds have you applied for? None.