Olive Crest – Relief

2020-05-06 12:29:41

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AreYouANonprofit: Yes

Legal-name: olive crest


Address: 4510 east pacific coast highway suite 450

City: long beach

State: ca

Zip: 90804

Tax-id: 95-2877102

Organizational-status: 501c3

Url-167: http://www.olivecrest.org

Officer-firstname: Donald

Officer-lastname: Verleur

Officer-title: CEO

Annual: 72,709,379

ContactFirstName: Annamarie

ContactLastName: Dachtler

Contacttitle: Executive Director

Tel-952: 562 977 6980


Email-765: annamarie-dachtler@olivecrest.org

GrantPurpose: To help fund cover-19 emergency services for vulnerable children, youth, and families in Long Beach, Ca.

TotalCost: 75,000

Requestedamount: 10,000

Periodoftime: immediately, with all funds expended before June 30 2020

Audienceserved: Olive Crest serves abused and neglected children and youth, and vulnerable families, including children being raised by elderly family members; children and youth in troubled homes; children and teens living in foster care; children at-risk of needing child protective service support and their families; youth emancipating from foster care; and transition-age-youth (TAY). All are considered low-income. Many are also at high risk of anxiety, increased stress and strain, compounded trauma, abuse or neglect, job loss, food insecurity, homelessness, and of having underlying, untreated, secondary health issues.

Demoofaudience: Those served range in age from 0-24 years old. Ethnicities/races served include: Hispanic or Latino (66%), Asian (2%), Black or African American (6%), White (16%), and multi-racial individuals (10%).All are considered low income.

Numberofserved: 175

District: all

Funding: Immediately


Olive Crest is deeply concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 public health crisis on the children and families we serve. As we navigate these difficult times, we are committed to supporting the needs of the children and families we serve out of our local operational office in Long Beach. Our emergency response care includes distribution of food and essential supplies to families – including elderly caregivers of grandchildren, foster parents, and at-risk families who were already living paycheck to paycheck and are in further crisis due to lost wages or other factors attributed to COVID-19. In Long Beach, we are responding to the crisis in the following ways:

  1. MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN EXPERIENCING “COMPOUNDED TRAUMA”: Olive Crest youth have suffered abuse, neglect, and/or have spent extended time in the foster system and are working every day to heal from their trauma. Since their safety and security feels threatened right now, Olive Crest’s mental health and case management staff are providing additional support remotely – via online case management support for foster children/families and via teletherapy for all clients. The frequency of the counseling has increased as a result of COVID-19. 
  1. STABILIZING FAMILIES: Economically, families are being impacted by the financial implications of social distancing, lost wages, and employment. This includes at-risk families who lack a network of support, senior caregivers who have underlying health conditions, and foster parents who have suddenly lost employment. Olive Crest has initiated and expanded specialized in-home, remote, and in-clinic services and resources to strengthen families as they now juggle in-home care of children, homeschooling, and financial instability. Since toilet paper, cleaning products, hygiene supplies, and groceries are in short supply, staff are supplying these for families in need. 
  1. EXPANDING SAFE FAMILIES: Olive Crest is expanding community-based support through our Safe Families for Children Program, which provides temporary, safe homes for children while their parents navigate their crises. This program provides a quick, sustainable support system through a volunteer-driven, scalable model of community-based engagement and support.
  1. GOING REMOTE: We have transitioned our therapy, training, counseling services, life skills classes, and staff meetings to online- and/or call-based formats so that we can continue to care for every family. 
  1. EMPLOYING PUBLIC HEALTH RECOMMENDATIONS: Olive Crest adheres to the highest levels of public health requirements as we provide stability, safety, and physical, mental, and emotional support to children and families. All staff are practicing social distancing measures and aggressive sterilization and cleaning practices, per CDC guidelines. 


Olive Crest is requesting a $10,000 Relief Grant to help us respond to increased community needs and pay for expenses not covered by government contracts. Funding will help cover expanded costs of frontline staffing and supplies that will provide for the immediate, essential needs of up to 175 children, transition-age-youth (TAY), and families in Long Beach, CA—all who were already struggling to meet their daily expenses even before COVID-19. Specifically, grant funding will provide essential items and nonperishable food, including:

  1. Toilet paper, paper towels, etc.
  2. Cleaning supplies    
  3. Protective gear (masks, gloves, etc.)
  4. Diapers/Pull-Ups 
  5. Wipes 
  6. Pasta 
  7. Rice 
  8. Beans 
  9. Canned goods  
  10. Granola bars
  11. Fruit Snacks
  12. Pasta sauce
  13. Beef jerky 
  14. Protein bars 
  15. Tea, Water, Coffee 
  16. Crackers
  17. Can tuna
  18. Nuts  
  19. Popcorn
  20. Condiments (ketchup, mayo, mustard, Parmesan cheese)
  21. Mac and Cheese 
  22. Pancake Mix
  23. Formula (baby)
  24. Cereal
  25. Bread 
  26. Flour
  27. Laundry Detergent
  28. Dish soap
  29. Disinfectants (bleach/ammonia)
  30. Paper towels
  31. Toilet paper
  32. Baby wipes
  33. Hygiene products (soap, lotion, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner)

To fund these emergency response activities, Olive Crest, Los Angeles Region is looking for help covering the additional cost of supplies, food, communication resources, and staffing needed for emergency COVID-19 response services and programming. Specifically, this includes:

COMMUNICATION: Olive Crest has some technological capacity; however, we are quickly extending these abilities across all programs. This includes new laptops, Chromebooks, software, and additional IT training and staff support. Costs $15,000.

SUPPLIES AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Olive Crest is securing food, paper products, gloves, antiseptic, hygiene items and other necessary basic needs for families in need. Olive Crest is also expanding access to financial assistance for families—including rental and short-term financial assistance for those who have lost employment. Costs $10,000.

CONTINUITY: Olive Crest has had to postpone five fundraising events scheduled for the spring, resulting in a projected 10% decrease in private revenue. It is this additional private funding from our events that allows us to supplement our program funding and run these additional programs. Costs $50,000.

A $10,000 grant from the Long Beach Disaster Relief Fund will be play a vital role in helping us respond with swift agility to the emergency needs of our community. 

Question3: Coronavirus Relief Grant funding will help us provide pathways to health and hope for some of Long Beach’s most vulnerable low-income children, foster youth, and their families. Many are victims of physical, sexual, emotional abuse, severe neglect, or abandonment. Others are in the protective system or exiting the probation system. The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled heightened stress, anxiety, and trauma for all—trauma compounded on top of existing trauma. All currently face extreme challenges, including loss of jobs and childcare, and risk of food insecurity and homelessness resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Question4: We have received $10,000 from Capital Group of Los Angeles region to help cover general operating costs of these services; plus $25,000 from Liferay Foundation for our Orange County disaster relief efforts. 

Question5: As an organization, Olive Crest has more than $150,000 in other requests currently pending, including a $10,000 grant for the Los Angeles Region.