The Garden Church – Relief

2020-04-23 11:42:29

Checkbox-571: #1, #4, #5

AreYouANonprofit: Yes

Legal-name: The Garden Church Inc.

Previous-name: Garden Church

Address: 236 E 3rd Street, Suite 217

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90802

Tax-id: 27-1434109

Organizational-status: 501(c)(3)


Officer: Darren Rouanzoin – Lead Pastor

Annual: 1,267,538.18

ContactName: Jonathan Rosene

Title: Senior Associate Pastor

Tel-952: 562-265-9914

SecondaryPhone: 949-812-1807


GrantPurpose: To provide essential meals, goods, and services to the homeless residents at the Long Beach Emergency Shelter Locations and to low income individuals in our greater Long Beach community. (emergency food, critical supplies, household items, and laundry services)

TotalCost: 42500

Requestedamount: 19500

Periodoftime: Two Months for what is being requested, but our overall initiative has started since March 15th, and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Audienceserved: Homeless, Low Income, Elderly, Unemployed, Families with Children

Demoofaudience: Wide range – Current Homeless Residents of the Long Beach Emergency Shelters (Silverado and King Park (now transitioning to the Holiday Inn)

Numberofserved: 100+ at the Emergency Shelters / 300 + For other needs (400+ Total)

District: Specifically Districts 6 (Holiday Inn Downtown – Project Room Key) + 7 (Silverado Park )for the Shelter Locations, but also the greater Long Beach Area for specific needs to provide for essential goods and services.

Funding: Immediately

Question1: We currently have over 20 volunteers serving regularly at Shelter Locations and over 100 volunteers on our Crisis Care Team. We have 3 paid staff members who have job responsibilities in organizing various aspects of our response related to the Shelters and the Crisis Care Team.

Since March 26th we have financed and delivered 6 meals delivered feeding 370 at the Shelter Locations. Donated requested Mens + Womens clothing, 20+ cases of water, towels for showering, blankets, snacks, feminine products, hygiene kits, books, DVDs, eye masks, face masks, coffee, and other goods and social support services. Our Crisis Care Team has performed delivery services of groceries and essential goods and we have a $5000 fund to support those needs.

Question2: In coordination with Elsa Ramos, Coordinator of the Long Beach Multi-Service Center, and Tracy Colunga, Chief Innovation Officer, and with the Shelter Managers, the following needs were determined to have the highest impact and most necessary needs:

Meals (Serving dinner twice a week for the next 10 weeks) – Partnering with The Grand Long Beach to provide safe and individually packed meals to support the needs at the Emergency Shelter Locations.

Laundry Love – Laundry Service – Provide Weekly Laundry Vouchers and laundry supplies for all residents to do at least 1 load of laundry a week for 8 weeks. Volunteers to organize facilitation of laundry services at laundry site locations.

We will be making and providing welcome and Activity Bags, including all necessary hygiene items and basic essentials for all persons at Emergency Shelter Locations.

In addition, we are also continuing our efforts to meet the needs of individuals who are unable to support basic needs (groceries, essential goods, medications) because of the financial impact of COVID-19. You can learn more about this initiative here:

Question3: Individuals:
Homeless Residents of the Long Beach Homeless Shelter Locations
Low Income, Elderly, Immune Compromised, Unemployed Individuals unable to pay for basic goods and needs.

The Grand Long Beach (Through the meal contract)
Long Beach Laundry Love Organization (Through the Laundry Contract)

Question4: None.

Question5: None.