Coronavirus Relief Fund Grant Reporting – 1 year

    As part of Long Beach Community Foundation’s effort to monitor and demonstrate grant effectiveness, we ask that you complete this final reporting requirement.

    This grant report includes 6 sections and is to be completed within one year from the date the grant was received:
    1. Organization Information
    2. Contact Information
    3. Grant Recap
    4. Audience Served by Your Program/Project
    5. Program/Project Results
    6. Case Studies/Attachments

    To assist you in filling out this form, you can download a PDF of all the questions here. Please know that this form must be submitted in one session, the form can't be saved.

    If certain data was not collected, please give your best estimation.


    Organization Status: 501(c)(3) NonprofitEducationalGovernmental Entity


    (Person completing this grant report)



    A. Communities Served: (Select all that apply.)
    Children/YouthDisabledElderly/SeniorsFamiliesFood InsecureHomeboundHomelessImmigrantsIndividuals - mental health needsLGBTQLow IncomeMedically FragileResidents (general population)Small BusinessesStudentsUnder or UnemployedVeteransVictims of Domestic ViolenceOther, please explain other:

    B. Ages Served: (Estimate population served by percentage. For example 0-18: 20%, 19-45: 80%. Total should equal 100%.)

    C. Gender Served: (Estimate population served by percentage. For example, Male: 50%, Female: 40%, Other Gender Type: Transgender, Other Gender Type % Served: 10%. Total should equal 100%.)

    D. Income Level Served: (Estimate population served by percentage. For example, Below the Poverty Line: 50%, Above the Poverty Line: 50%. Total should equal 100%. View poverty threshold data here.)

    E. Ethnicities Served: (Estimate population served by percentage. For example, American Indian: 50%, Asian: 50%. Total should equal 100%.)

    F. Ethnicities Served Per Zip Code: (Estimate % of ethnicities served in all applicable Zip Codes. For example, 90802: 50% American Indian, 50% Asian. See map of Long Beach Zip Codes here.)

    (Estimate all individuals vs families. For example, a family of four counts as four.)

    H. Individuals Served Per Zip Code: (Estimate number of individuals served in each Zip Code. For example, 90802: 350. Please report all individuals vs families. For example, a family of four counts as four. See map of Long Beach Zip Codes here.)

    I. Individuals Served Per District: (Estimate number of people served in each applicable district. See map of Long Beach districts here.)

    (How many meals served, how many families helped, how many loans provided, how many grocery cards purchased, etc.)


    We understand that the circumstance surrounding your program or project may have been impacted by the evolution of the virus and its impact on the community. Please reflect candidly on how your organization used this grant and what results occurred. All fields are required. Maximum 500 word count per answer.


    (Please provide any case studies, social media posts, letters, and/or photos that will help tell the story of your grant efforts. PDF, JPG and PNG are the only acceptable file types. Please do not use any special characters, or periods in your file name, it will prevent you from uploading your document.)

    If you have any restrictions completing this grant report in the requested format, please contact