Disaster Relief Fund Grant

Coronavirus Relief Fund (Official fund in partnership with the City of Long Beach)

Long Beach is experiencing an unprecedented challenge as we face the Covid-19 health crisis. Grants from this fund will be prioritized to support the most vulnerable in our community. 

The Long Beach Coronavirus Relief Fund will support community-based organizations at the frontlines of the coronavirus response in the Long Beach area. Grants will be made to support approved 501(C)3 nonprofit, educational, and governmental organizations working on these efforts.

An authorized committee of the Long Beach Community Foundation will review the grant applications and recommend grants for eligible organizations that have already or will provide assistance during the coronavirus health crisis.

5/1/2020 – Due to limited funds in the Long Beach Coronavirus Relief Fund, we are not able to fund all currently qualified applicants. If you wish to submit your application today, please be advised that there may be a delay in funding qualified applications. 


Grants will be reviewed weekly.


Grant requests up to $20,000 will be accepted. Exceptions will be considered for highly scalable programs that are able to serve an exceptional number of individuals.  The largest grant values will be allocated to the highest current areas of need.


Reports for expenditures and uses are due 6 months from the date the grants have been received. 


These grants will be made to qualified organizations for COVID-19-related impacts whose needs are not being filled by state, federal, or other funding.  Funding priorities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Grants to nonprofits serving low-income individuals affected by COVID-19 to pay for critical expenses; 
  2. Grants to nonprofits providing microloans and/or funds to small businesses affected by COVID-19 to pay for critical expenses and adapt business models during this crisis;
  3. Grants to nonprofits providing emergency funds for workers laid off as a result of COVID-19;
  4. Grants to nonprofits providing assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness for sheltering, food, sanitation supplies to mitigate the spread COVID-19, and to quarantine as a result of COVID-19 exposure;
  5. Grants to nonprofits to provide food and critical supply delivery to those who are home-bound;
  6. Grants to nonprofits who can assist community clinics and hospitals responding to increased patient flow, triaging those who are sick, exposed or in need of testing, and to support isolation and quarantine sites being established and operated in Long Beach*; and
  7. Grants to nonprofits who will support existing mental health and domestic violence services that need to expand due to increased demand from Covid-19.*

Funding is subject to change according to availability and need. *New funding priorities added on 4/13/2020.

    From the above Eligible Projects list, please indicate which project(s) your program will serve.


    Are you a 501(c)3 nonprofit, educational, or governmental organization working on the above coronavirus relief efforts? NoYes

    If you answered yes, please proceed with your application. If you answered no, you are not eligible to apply.

    Coronavirus Relief Grant Application




    How soon can this funding be utilized? Immediately3 months6 months9 months


    500 word maximum length per answer


    (Please name your files with your organizational name, underscore, and name of attachment. For example LBCF_boardofdirectors.pdf, LBCF_budget.pdf, LBCF_signedletter.pdf. PDF is the only acceptable file type. Please do not use any special characters, or periods in your file name, it will prevent you from uploading your document.)

    If you have any restrictions completing this grant application in the requested format, please contact info@longbeachcf.org