Margaret Moffat – Surrender

Don Knabe Safe Surrender Scholarship Fund

2020-04-15 22:16:13

First-name: Margaret

Last-name: Moffat

Address: 470 Madeline Drive

City: Pasadena

State: CA

Zip: 91105

Primaryphone: (626)755-3203



Dateofbirth: 07/30/2002

Nameofhighschool: Mayfield Senior School

Districtandcity: Pasadena



StudentID: n/a

GPA: 4.3

Collegeattend: Northeastern University

College-address: 360 Huntington Ave

College-city: Boston

College-state: MA

College-zip: 02115

Checkbox-834: University

Seasonofenrollment: Fall 2020

Checkbox-835: Full-time

Checkbox-836: Out-of-State

Essay 1: Write an essay (max. 300 words) describing what kind of person are you now, and how will achieving your greatest dream help you become the person you want to be?: 1587017773-Margaret_Moffat_Essay1.pdf

Essay 2: Write an essay (max. 300 words) describing a challenge you are currently facing and how you plan to overcome it: 1587017773-Margaret_Moffat_Essay2.pdf


Optional Letter of Recommendation:

Optional Letter of Recommendation::

DCFS Letter1587017773-EmailofEligibilityVerification.pdf