Florence Bixby Elementary PTA – 2020 Airport

2020 Airport Noise Ordinance Neighborhood Impact Fund

2020-10-01 10:21:15

Legal-name: Florence Bixby Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Previous-name: Bixby PTA

Tax-id: 95-6204419

Address: 5251 E. Stearns St.


City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90815

Website: https://bixbypta.com

Organizational-status: PTA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit association

Title: PTA President

Salutation: Mrs.

First-name: Susana

Last-name: Gonzalez Edmond

Email: bixbypta@gmail.com

Tel: 562-519-1563


Contact-title: PTA Parliamentarian

Contact-salutation: Dr.

Contact-first-name: Kristine

Contact-last-name: Clancy

Contact-email: clancy.kristine@gmail.com

Contact-tel: 7607163509


Grant-amount: 2,000

Grant-title: Florence Bixby Elementary PTA Community Educational Enrichment Fund

Grant-purpose: To provide science enrichment resource support and activities for the Bixby community.

How-many-individuals: 540

Total-cost: $2,000

Total-budget: $33,000

New-existing: New

What-is-project: The Florence Bixby Elementary PTA serves a large number of students who reside within the flight path area. Like all LBUSD students they are spending a lot more time at home as they learn remotely through at least the end of January. The goal of our science education enrichment program is to help students perform their best in this new environment and to help them continue to feel connected to their school community. Normally, the PTA supports teachers, students, and parents by funding on campus resources and facilitating on site activities. Many of these costs still exist as we help teachers navigate the resources needed to teach from campus or home and helping parents with technological needs. What we have seen is that the resources individual students have at home vary widely and it makes it difficult for teachers to facilitate engaging and rich science instruction. When students are in the classroom teachers can provide the materials needed for hands on science learning. Teaching aids and science materials are all available. In our homes, access to these items are limited and we cannot expect that all families can provide them. If awarded, these funds would allow us to provide science based enrichment materials for students to use while they are in their remote classes. We plan to purchase a variety of materials and supplies for grades TK-5th grade to allow teachers to facilitate hand on science experimentation and learning for students in their own homes. The materials would be packaged at grade level and made available for students and parents to pick up.

How-will-you-succeed: The Bixby PTA has been working hard to engage with parents and teachers remotely. We have already conducted a simple survey of teachers to assess their science curriculum needs. They are working on compiling lists of supplies that we could provide with these funds. At PTA “we are dedicated to children’s educational success, health, and well-being through strong family and community engagement.” In order to make sure we are living up to this mission and that this grant is supporting educational success and well-being we will engage teachers and parents. We will reach out to parents when we send materials home and ask for feedback on the programs and whether it has made an impact for their child. After the packets are sent home we will engage teachers in ongoing and routine assessment to determine what is working in a home environment and how we could continue to improve. We will also provide a space on our website and social media for families to share what their students have created and learned. This social engagement will help community engagement by providing a virtual “hallway” to walk and see all of the outstanding work being accomplished by our young scientists. We hope that this grant will be a launching point for a more robust educational enrichment program in the future. With the support of our school leadership we will continue to identify additional funds for future materials. We also hope that the packets we purchase with this grant will facilitate learning throughout the year. The goal is to send supplies home that can be used repeatedly in a number of different and creative ways by the teachers.

Who-are-you: PTA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit association that prides itself on being a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for public education. Bixby PTA works as part of this national organization to serve the needs of the larger Florence Bixby Elementary community. We already have a working relationship with the parents, teachers, and students who live in the flight path area. Our job is to facilitate child enrichment by working with teachers and parents to provide equal opportunity for our students. The circumstances we find ourselves in now have provided some unique challenges to this mission but these funds will help us fill the gap in materials and access that we have identified. Our volunteers will be able to immediately put these funds to use by purchasing science supplies, constructing student material packets, and distributing them to the community. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and your consideration.