Knight Foundation Fund Grant

Grants will be awarded between $100,000 and $200,000 and require matching funds. 

The Knight Foundation Fund invests in civic innovators using place to adhere to one or more of the following:

  1. Accelerate Civic Engagement: Cities succeed when people feel responsible for actively shaping the future of their communities. Knight Foundation invests in innovation, in governance, and in civic capacity. Knight believes that an engaged community is one where people are attached to the place where they live and are invested in the community’s future. Engagement includes many things, such as choosing to stay in a place, participating in community and civic affairs, voting, volunteering, or simply taking part in the social life of the community. Investments to promote more engaged communities include:
    • Public Spaces: The Knight Foundation invests in connecting people to the places they live and to the public life of the community through the design, construction, and programming of inclusive and equitable public spaces.
    • Opportunity: Knight invests in attracting and retaining people in communities through inclusive and effective pathways to economic opportunity.
    • “Smart Cities” as Responsive Cities: As digital technology reshapes our lives, Knight invests in technology-enabling efforts that help residents connect to each other and become more informed, which helps cities be more responsive to residents.
  1. Attract and keep talented people:  There is no better indicator of a city’s economic success than the percentage of college-educated people in its population. Knight Foundation invests in residents, immigrants, and entrepreneurs as economic growth, job creation, and neighborhood revitalization drivers. 
  1. Expand opportunity for all: Opportunity is created in places where people of diverse backgrounds can connect across economic divides and which support the way people work in today’s economy. Knight Foundation invests in places that are primed to accelerate talent and opportunity. 

Grant Timeline:

The Knight Donor Advised Fund will review submissions throughout the year. Projects and programs most closely aligned with Knight’s initiatives will be invited to submit a full proposal. 

    Knight Foundation Grant Application

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