LBCF’s Community Impact Fund: Making a Difference When and Where it’s Needed Most

image of young woman with dark hair wearing a white blouse with cherries on it. She is holding and kissing a small baby

During 2018, the LBCF Community Impact Fund made a grant to Urban Community Outreach, a local nonprofit, to help address the housing and homelessness crisis currently impacting our city. Thanks to LBCF’s funding, Urban Community Outreach was able to provide a young mother and her one-year-old daughter with rental assistance after losing her job. Without a safety net and living paycheck to paycheck, this young woman was at the risk of being evicted. She ultimately secured a more stable job that will enable her to become financially independent.

Last year, the Community Impact Fund assisted hundreds of individuals with motel stays, rental assistance, transitional housing, and move-in costs.

The LBCF Board has directed more than $700,000 in strategic granting over the last 20 years and will continue to make impactful contributions well into the future with your help. 

Why Give to LBCF’s Community Impact Fund?

For more than two decades, the Long Beach Community Foundation has worked closely with nonprofits who are on the front line of poverty, education, youth development, mental health, and almost every other challenge facing our residents. Continuous relationship building with these entities, as well as city staff and elected officials, provides us with a unique perspective on our community’s challenges. 

This is why, in 1997 LBCF established the Community Impact Fund – a mechanism to provide financial resources that address the unique issues facing our city. Every community faces challenges and it is hard to predict what needs might be around the corner, but we know it is important to be nimble and efficient when they arise. This fund meets those objectives by allowing the flexibility to address any need that develops and identifies the most effective nonprofits in Long Beach to provide the best solutions. We believe there is no other entity that can embrace this unbiased role better than the Community Foundation. 

You can continue to effect positive change in Long Beach with a meaningful contribution today, tomorrow, or as part of your lasting legacy. In addition to cash and credit card donations, LBCF accepts a wide variety of illiquid assets – including appreciated stock, real estate, distributions from IRAs, and more. We can also help you establish a charitable gift annuity, remainder trust, or a bequest from your will or trust. 

Contact us today to learn more about contributing to the LBCF Community Impact Fund, 562/435-9033 or