Long Beach Bar Foundation – 2020 Airport

2020 Airport Noise Ordinance Neighborhood Impact Fund

2020-09-28 13:31:55

Legal-name: Long Beach Bar Foundation


Tax-id: 33-0585482

Address: 3515 Linden Avenue


City: Long Beach

State: California

Zip: 90807

Website: http://www.longbeachbarfoundation.org

Organizational-status: 501(c)3

Title: Executive Director

Salutation: Mrs.

First-name: Carolyn

Last-name: Bell

Email: director@longbeachbarfoundation.org

Tel: 562-981-6515


Contact-title: Executive Director

Contact-salutation: Mrs.

Contact-first-name: Carolyn

Contact-last-name: Bell

Contact-email: director@longbeachbarfoundation.org

Contact-tel: 562-981-6515


Grant-amount: $2,000

Grant-title: SHORTSTOP Crime Reduction Program for Youth

Grant-purpose: Long Beach Bar Foundation (LBBF) is requesting $2,000 from the Long Beach Community Foundation to implement our SHORTSTOP program which diverts early juvenile offenders and youth at risk of misconduct away from the juvenile justice system through providing legal system educational sessions for youth ages 10-17 and their parents.

How-many-individuals: 200

Total-cost: $199,473

Total-budget: $322,883

New-existing: Existing

What-is-project: LBBF’s SHORTSTOP program aims to intervene with youth before serious long-term problems such as youth violence develop. Youth identified by our referral partners – Long Beach Unified School District and local law enforcement – are at-risk of delinquent lifestyles that would prevent them from reaching their full potential. While LBBF serves all youth regardless of characteristics, SHORTSTOP youth are mostly youth of color (85%) and 62% come from low-income households.

It is widely known that youth from disadvantaged backgrounds are disproportionately impacted by factors that may lead to dropping out of school or committing a crime. This impacts their entire life, as a criminal record hinders young adults from obtaining college admission and/or gainful employment, often further increasing criminal behavior. The COVID-19 crisis has put our youth served at greater risk, as the loss of in-person social and school support has increased stressors. Ongoing stressors like financial hardships, family tensions, substance use/abuse and/or addictions (family members or personal), and mental health issues are intensified.

LBBF’s SHORTSTOP program provides an intensive class (2 sessions, 3 ½ hours each) to teach youth and their parent/guardian about the justice system and long-term consequences of risky behaviors. Youth learn in different ways, so we include experiential elements like viewing a holding cell and conversing with youth who have been imprisoned. Between sessions, SHORTSTOP participants must work on improving communication at home and considering the victims of their crime to report on at the following session. The program ends with a focus on the positive qualities in each youth and their family.

LBBF is a fit, as we aim to create positive changes for the entire community of Long Beach through the far-reaching impacts of our program just as Long Beach Community Foundation aims to initiate positive changes in Long Beach.

How-will-you-succeed: Long Beach Bar Foundation has operated the highly successful SHORTSTOP juvenile crime diversion program for over twenty-five years with a long track record of success in achieving our mission and goals to enrich the greater Long Beach community by diverting youth from risky behaviors and crime. LBBF’s SHORTSTOP program has been sustainable and will continue to be through a combination of program fees, fundraising dollars, individual donations, and a wide variety of grants (foundation, corporate, government).

Program outcomes will be measured through: recording program attendance and completion data, administering pre- and post- knowledge assessment tests, conducting follow-up phone interviews at six months and one year after completion, and collecting and analyzing recidivism data. We analyze results to determine if we are meeting our short-term goals, and review data at the end of every fiscal year to look at larger trends toward achieving medium and long-term goals. We share outcomes amongst executive staff and the Board to make continual improvements to our programming. Key outcomes are noted for funders and the community as requested.

LBBF will address the following goals and objectives for our SHORTSTOP program in order to measure success:
Goal 1: 80% of SHORTSTOP participants will avoid (additional) criminal activity after completing the program; this will be achieved by: a) 90% of participants will increase knowledge (per pre- and post-tests) of legal responsibilities, b) 90% of participants will verbally be able to identify one skill for turning their life around.

Goal 2: 85% of participants will decrease their risk of poor outcomes at home, school, and in the community after completion; this will be achieved by: a) 85% of participants/parents will attend all program sessions and complete all assignments, b) 100% of SHORTSTOP youth/families will develop written goals and a vision for their future.

Who-are-you: LBBF’s mission is to strengthen the youth of the greater Long Beach community through juvenile crime prevention, intervention, legal education, and scholarship programs. Since 1994, LBBF has intervened with youth when they are at a critical crossroad and shown them a better way, meanwhile reducing recidivism rates. Through education, mentorship and counseling, Long Beach Bar Foundation aims to change lives, create second chances, reduce juvenile delinquency, and improve families, neighborhoods, and communities.

LBBF has three major programs: SHORTSTOP, Juvenile Emotional Management, and Individual and Family counseling. These programs also include an umbrella of low-cost, interrelated youth services (yoga, financial literacy, etc.), accessible separately or in combination depending on each family’s needs. These programs work harmoniously together toward achieving our mission and vision of guiding youth away from crime and toward brighter futures.

LBBF is highly successful, with expertise rooted in our knowledgeable and accomplished Board of Directors and staff. Our Board includes a 35-year veteran LA County Deputy Public Defender along with many lawyers, judges, and law enforcement personnel who work with at-risk youth every day. LBBF’s Board provides expertise based on their experience and knowledge in the nonprofit, private sector, and community affairs domains. Our staffing consists of an Executive Director, two program directors, two program assistants, a counselor, a clinical psychologist, and two program instructors. All executive and clinical staff hold higher education degrees.
LBBF’s Board and staff contribute wholeheartedly, sharing time, resources, and knowledge gained as well-respected community members, professionals, and significant contributors to LA County communities outside of LBBF.

LBBF has achieved significant community support, with more than 1,000 hours contributed each year by volunteers. Our most prominent partners include the Long Beach Courthouse, Long Beach Unified School District, local businesses, and funders, all of whom are vital to our success.