Love Beyond Limits – Impact 2020

2020 Community Impact Grant

2020-05-20 10:57:53

Legal-name: Love Beyond Limits


Address: 3515 Linden Ave #58

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90807

Tax-id: 38-3877395

Organizational-status: 501 (c)(3)


Ranking-title: Maleka Chris

Budget: $40,000

Contact-First-name: Matthew Korn

Title: Grant assistant

Tel: (562) 377-4857


Grant Purpose: To enrich the lives of at risk youth in Long Beach

Mission: Love Beyond Limits has been present since 2009 – providing exceptional enrichment and leadership development opportunities to youth nationwide. We offer youth an opportunity to create and mold their own unique experiences through our wide range of educational and leadership activities and resources. We see the true power that our youth hold, and we have made it our mission to transform them into natural-born leaders, ready to take on the world.

Total-cost: $19,806

Grant-amount: $20,000

How-many-years: 1

How-many-individuals: 24

What-is-project: The needs of homeless and at-risk youth have been exacerbated by the advent
of Covid 19. 13 Stones is a project we currently have in place to address the
needs of youth in the community, now at greater risk of homelessness. We are in the process of taking this enrichment workshop into the virtual realm, and this grant would streamline the process, enabling us to be more effective and reach more at-risk youth, reducing the chance of homelessness.

This pandemic makes everything about being homeless harder. Simply taking preventive measures like hand washing and access to sanitation materials is difficult. School, a once dependable, predictable place for learning, socializing, and meals, is now closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For many students this was the one and only place to meet physical and social needs. LBUSD has implemented Home Learning Opportunities, but the ability to connect with and take advantage of these opportunities varies greatly along socio-economic lines. Social distancing can also feel very isolating. All learning, distance or in person, requires connection. Therefore, the 13 Stones workshop connects families to one another, to their communities, and families to the education system. Currently, Love Beyond Limits is helping families connect to new at-
home learning opportunities that are in place at least through the end of this school year. Our newest implemented goal is to help families master the skills and technology necessary to log on to and connect with their new leaning environment.

The 13 Stones program aligns with state and local K-12 standards and
curriculum in the areas of Social-Emotional Learning, Science, and Health. A strong, successful connection to school extends beyond to Higher Education. Love Beyond Limits supports youth in finding their strengths and their voices and motivates students to take control of their future. The program provides individuals, families, and guardians with the tools they need to communicate with love and respect, while creating a safe space to be able to practice new skills so they can be implemented at home and at school. Covid 19 is another limit that Love Beyond Limits can push beyond; it’s what we do.

How-will-you-succeed: We will evaluate the effectiveness of our program using both quantitative and qualitative measures. We will know if our virtual program reaches more youth by observing the growth rate of our workshop attendance. We also monitor the attendance of participants in our workshops. We have added another quantitative piece to monitor synchronous and asynchronous learning, which aligns with the expectations of Long Beach USD. We plan to keep records of how often and how long students log in to their virtual classrooms, as well as how much time they spend off-line on their assignments. Our goal is to have students log in and participate off line for at least the minimums expected by the district. We will consider the program a success if the participants meet or exceed these goals for their grade level.

As a qualitative measure, we administer a survey at the beginning of the 13 Stones Workshop program, and again at the end. We consider successes to be improvements in a positive attitude toward school and daily life; improved communication skills as self-reported or reported by guardians; and improved participation in activities that promote healthy relationships and productive school and/or work experiences.

Working with faculty at California State University, Long Beach, before and after quantitative data will be analyzed using a within subjects t-test to assess if changes in virtual classroom log in time and length have been made. Qualitative data will also be assessed for common themes between students. Results will be communicated by publishing them in an academic journal. Having published results on the effectiveness of our program will allow LBL to reach more children in the future. Results will be included in our marketing material and also distributed to our current partners and supporters.

Once LBL establishes a strong virtual foundation with resources to support online learners, we should be able to maintain the success. As soon as possible, we will resume our ‘live’ workshops, but we will continue to offer a virtual format for those interested in continuing remotely and for those for whom distance or travel presents a challenge.

Furthermore, schools are doing their best to provide meals for their students during this time, but unmet needs persist. Families in general are still struggling to meet their nutritional needs while caring for students. Currently, LBL has partnered with California Creationz and Territory Foods, providing over 1700 meals for students and their families during the Covid 19 crises and with adequate funding we will continue to meet the needs of our community.

During this crisis protecting at risk youth is imperative. LBL does this by providing valuable school assistance, communication enhancement within families and supporting families with meals and emotional support. By doing so, LBL is preventing homelessness for many at risk students by providing essential resources during this trying time.

Who-are-you: Love Beyond Limits is the right group to do this work. Our mission is to change and enhance the lives of young people by promoting and developing self-awareness, self-respect, high self-esteem and independence through academics, health, fitness, and spirituality. We teach young people the tools to become motivated, self-reliant, and confident individuals while handling life’s challenges and enhancing the quality of life. Focusing on the mind, body, and soul, we offer a 13 Stones program that addresses many important concepts such as Image, Love, Respect, Self-esteem, Education, The Intra and Interpersonal Family Roles, Social Skills, Hygiene, Meditation, and many more. LBL does this by providing high-quality tutors, mentors, coaches, and friends.

Maleka Chris founded Love Beyond Limits in 2009 in Long Beach, California because she wanted to promote positive change in the lives of young people, especially young girls and adolescents. Mrs. Chris knew that she had something important to offer. She grew up moving from place to place in the greater Los Angeles area. She says she didn’t really ‘grow up’ until
she and her family moved to South L.A., where she became strong, but “unhealthy strong”, as she puts it. She was facing the fact that many choices she had made were not really in her own best interest, and definitely not in the best interest of her four daughters. After proudly watching not just one, but two of her daughters accept the Most Inspiring Student award (2009 and 2012 respectively), she began to think that it was time for her to make her dream of helping young people become a reality. Ms. Long started Love Beyond Limits (LBL) from her heart and out of her own pocket, forming a successful non-profit organization to benefit the kids in the community.
In its first two years, about fourteen children participated in the program. In the following two years, the numbers grew to about ninety children. By last year, Love Beyond Limits had grown to about 300 children. In addition to the 13 Stones Workshop, they now offer Emotional CPR, a program for adults, as well as a wellness retreat.

Community involvement is a high priority for Mrs. Chris and the team at Love Beyond Limits. The community connection is twofold: One, to be an asset within the community, and two, to give back to that same community.
Love Beyond Limits partners with the Compton and Signal Hill Rotary Clubs, the Kiwanis Club of North Long Beach, Success, and Challenges, the Signal Hill Police Department, and local small businesses like On Time Management and Albertson’s. LBL organizes beach clean-up events feed families at the Long Beach Ronald McDonald House, and every Thanksgiving, they hold “Give Me a Break” which provides Thanksgiving meals for food-insecure households. Currently, while LBUSD continues to provide meals for students, LBL is providing Meals for Parents, meeting an additional unaddressed need.