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The first step in opening a scholarship fund is submitting a completed fund agreement. Scroll down to learn more about scholarship funds or call us at (562) 435-9033 and let’s discuss opening a fund.

Learn More About Scholarship Fund

Scholarship funds build the community’s future by investing in the education of tomorrow’s leaders. Award payments are made directly to the educational institutions for use by the scholarship recipients.

Scholarships Funds are either restricted or committee advised:

  • Restricted
    • Created with specific criteria outlined by the donor
    • The recipient organization manages the scholarship award process according to the donor’s wishes
  • Committee Advised
    • Created with specific criteria outlined by the donor
    • LBCF or other advisors convene a committee to manage the award process according to the donor’s wishes
  • View Safe Surrender Scholarship video

  • The Long Beach Community Foundation (LBCF) staff has expertise in meaningful scholarship amounts, reasonable selection criteria, and local high school administration.
  • LBCF staff works closely with the designated Chair of the donor-selected and LBCF-approved scholarship committee to create and carry out the goals and objectives of the fund.
  • Scholarship administration and payment processing are made by LBCF.
  • The tax benefit is realized immediately after a contribution is made.
  • Scholarship awards are not treated as taxable income to the recipients.
  • Fund holder has access to an easy and secure online portal to view fund balances 24/7.
  • Fund holders can select an array of investment options that are managed as part of a larger $5 billion portfolio, bringing economies of scale investment results.
  • Fund investment oversight is provided on both a local and national level.
  • Invitations to exclusive LBCF events with fellow donors, fundholders, and community members.
  • Monthly statements show all investment, donation, and scholarship activity.
  • Fees charged support philanthropic grants and programs in the Long Beach Community.

  • No legal liability LBCF remains in full compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • LBCF makes a conscious effort to work with Long Beach-based organizations.
  • Available option to raise funds through a custom landing page hosted on the LBCF website.
  • LBCF is National Standards Accredited which indicates a commitment to excellence and accountability. This is the highest standard for philanthropic excellence.

Complete Fund Agreement

Submit a completed fund agreement or request a fund agreement for electronic signature at

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Thank you for your interest in a scholarship fund held at the Long Beach Community Foundation. If you are ready to open a fund or need more information, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.