Types of Funds – Overview

As a public charity, LBCF helps individuals, families, agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses manage their philanthropic giving through various fund types. Contributions may come from cash, securities traded on major exchanges, closely held stock, mutual fund shares, retirement plan assets, real estate, and limited partnerships.

Click on the titles below to learn more about each type of fund:

Agency Fund

  • Designed to be used by nonprofit organizations for endowments or other specific purposes
  • Fund may or may not be endowed*

Corporate Giving Fund

  • LBCF manages all or part of your corporate philanthropy program
  • Effective and efficient way to give in the community

Designated/Restricted Beneficiary Fund

  • Established with a gift or bequest to benefit a specific charity
  • Often set up by nonprofit organizations as part of their fundraising strategy

Donor Advised Fund 

  • A smart, efficient alternative to creating a private foundation
  • Established by donors who wish to claim an immediate, full tax deduction for their contribution and parcel out grants over time

Field of Interest Fund

  • Established to benefit unspecified charities focused on a particular issue, region or population – as broad or narrow as donor wishes
  • Although the donor chooses the field, the community foundation selects the most appropriate organization or program within the field based on the needs of the community

Scholarship Fund

  • Scholarship funds build the community’s future by investing in the education of tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Award payments are made directly to the educational institutions for use by the scholarship recipients.

**Endowment = Assets invested for the long term to provide a current source of income from the compounded effect of interest, dividends, and capital appreciation. Endowments are designed to last forever since the principal investment is never spent.

LBCF Community Impact Fund

  • Each year, the Foundation’s Board of Directors determines suitable areas of focus for discretionary grantmaking from the Community Impact Fund. 

Fund Types for Future Funding

  • Contributions are planned from a future source such as a will, trust, retirement account or insurance policy.
  • Visit our Giving Legacy website for more resources.