Why work with LBCF?

The Long Beach Community Foundation makes it easy to give back to your favorite causes in the simplest, most effective and tax-advantaged ways possible. As the only philanthropic service organization focused on the entire community of Long Beach, we are dedicated to helping our fund holders be agents of positive social and economic change through their charitable giving.

Giving through the Community Foundation has many advantages:

Time-effective: Most new funds can be established with a simple gift agreement.

Tax-effective: You will receive an immediate tax deduction for your charitable gift that can then be dispersed to many organizations simplifying your annual tax return filings.

Cost-effective: Management fees are nominal and professional services are value-added. Grants in the Long Beach community are the result fees charged to manage funds.

Flexibility: Many different types of creative gift alternatives – from securities and real estate to bequests and charitable remainder trusts – can be arranged.

Stewardship: The Foundation gives close attention to prudent management of assets.

Permanence: Funds created at the Foundation represent the philanthropic legacies of donors in perpetuity.

Local leadership: Civic leaders, financial experts and philanthropists serve on the Board of Directors and closely govern Community Foundation activities.

What is a community foundation?

A community foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization comprised of a group of funds established by individuals, organizations and businesses and managed as an endowed pool of assets. Earnings on these assets are distributed in the form of grants to nonprofits in the local community

How does it work?

A community foundation is a “donor-driven” organization that assists donors in achieving their philanthropic and financial goals. Donors use this self-sustaining vehicle to support causes they already believe in. Some funds authorize the community foundation Board to make discretionary grants supporting critical, new and emerging community needs.

Who uses the Community Foundation?

Caring individuals and families
Public agencies
Professional advisors

What can LBCF do for me?

The Community Foundation offers a range of personalized services and giving opportunities for donors and partners of all interests and capabilities. A wide range of fund options which best suit the intent and needs of the donor are also available.

One-on-one consulting is provided by professional and local staff to assist:

Donors and their families to create a charitable legacy
Professional advisors on complex estate planning issues
Nonprofits with complex planned gifts and in building endowment programs
Foundations in carrying out special activities
Businesses in granting to the charities of their choice through available funds and employee contributions

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