The Heart of Ida – Relief

AreYouANonprofit: Yes

Legal-name: The Heart of Ida


Address: 1150 E. 4th Street

City: Long Beach

State: CA

Zip: 90802

Tax-id: 27-1105150

Organizational-status: 501c3


Officer: Dina Berg, Founder and Executive Director

Annual: 78,520

ContactName: Dina Berg

Title: Executive Director

Tel-952: 562-570-3548

SecondaryPhone: 310-339-8364


GrantPurpose: Friendly Caller and Stay Connected program to assess and meet the needs of isolated older adults

TotalCost: 44580

Requestedamount: 10000

Periodoftime: April, 2020 – March 31, 2021

Audienceserved: Older Adults 65+

Demoofaudience: Older adults 65+ – low to moderate income

Numberofserved: 75+

District: all districts

Funding: Immediately

1. What disaster recovery service have already been provided? : The Heart of Ida has been helping our clients with food delivery, connecting to resources, providing a ramp, and purchasing groceries. We also started “Stay Connected”, a bi-weekly telephone message from a warm, friendly voice (with important info). This is now in both English and Spanish. We have also started a Friendly Caller program in partnership with the LB Senior Police Partners. The Friendly Caller program connects trained and background checked volunteers with homebound seniors for regular, consistent phone calls/check ins. The volunteers are trained to attain important information from the senior to ensure they are getting their needs met. With elder abuse rampant, we need trained people to work with our Long Beach older adults.

2. What disaster recovery service will be provided by this grant? : All of the above. We will continue to provide emergency supplies and grow the Stay Connected and Friendly Caller Program. Today I received another 30 applications for the Stay Connected program from Meals on Wheels Long Beach.

3. What individuals (and/or organizations) will you assist? : All older adults 65+ in Long Beach. We do not discriminate. However, we work closely with Meals on Wheels Long Beach to assist with their homebound population. Currently Meals on Wheels is busy and it may take a day or two to sign someone up for the program. Heart of Ida has helped in the interim with groceries, among other things. We get daily referrals from the LB Senior Police Partners, the LA Falls Prevention Coalition, Successful Aging Center at CSULB, the Long Beach Senior Centers, senior buildings, among others. We are also working with nonprofits that serve the Spanish speaking population and are working to recruit multi-lingual volunteers.

4. What other disaster recovery funds have you received? What amount?: Heart of Ida started a Facebook fundraiser and raised $1,000 for emergency supplies. We’ve purchased groceries, a ramp, gift cards, pet food, and adult diapers for clients and others referred to our organization.

5. What other disaster recovery funds have you applied for?
We have reached out to the Gumbiner Foundation and the Bauer Foundation.