Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a type of charitable giving fund that is established by a donor with an eligible charitable sponsoring organization (i.e. Long Beach Community Foundation) to support a cause (or causes) that the donor cares about.

  • GIVE: Donors establish a fund by making an irrevocable, tax-deductible contribution.
  • GROW: The fund is invested according to each donor’s recommended risk tolerance.
  • GRANT: The donor recommends grants to qualified charitable organizations throughout the United States.

DAFS are a simple alternative to a private foundation and designed for donors to be actively involved in directing how the funds are used. Through their own research or with guidance from our knowledgeable staff, donors may request grants be made to specific charitable organizations as needs arise.

DAF’s are established by charitable donors who wish to claim an immediate, full tax deduction for their contribution and parcel out grants over time.

  • Cost-effective vs a private foundation
  • Support qualified charities across the United States
  • Easy to keep track of grants - donors receive one tax receipt
  • No legal liability – the sponsor remains in full compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Privacy - unlike a family foundation, DAF contributions are private
  • Receive the maximum tax benefits:
    • Higher AGI Tax deduction
    • A fair market value deduction for gifts of real estate and closely-held stock
    • Avoid annual excise tax payments on the sale of highly appreciated gifts and
    • Option to grant anonymously
  • LBCF accepts a wide range of assets including stocks and real estate
  • Give now, grant later

We make your giving easy!

The Long Beach Community Foundation:

  • performs due diligence to ensure a nonprofit grant recipient is valid and in good standing
  • issues the checks on your behalf
  • provides quarterly fund statements
  • provides an online portal to request grants and check fund balance
  • assists as requested in an advisory capacity on which nonprofits meet your charitable intent

Each fund allows us to continue supporting nonprofits and philanthropy in our community.

  • DAFs are flexible, allowing a quick response to local needs. DAF funds have been used to support everything from emergency response efforts to community economic development.
  • DAFs help increase the impact of charitable giving and build access to long-term philanthropic resources in our communities.
  • DAFs appeal to donors of diverse ages and income levels and often serve as an entry point into charitable giving and long-term community involvement.

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