Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

The Long Beach Community Foundation’s mission is to initiate positive change for Long Beach through charitable giving, stewardship, and strategic grantmaking. With this mission our focus is to: 

  • Encourage charitable giving
  • Help individuals and families manage their philanthropic giving
  • Establish endowment funds to benefit local nonprofits
  • Make strategic grants to Long Beach nonprofits

Our Vision

We strive to be the preeminent steward of endowments serving the needs of Long Beach in perpetuity.

Our Values

Why engage with LBCF?  Our values stem from the unique nature of our business as a deeply trusted entity that holds itself to the highest of standards and upholds the laws governing charitable giving. For this reason, and to maintain the trust of our stakeholders in perpetuity, we remain connected and inclusive to people and entities involved with charitable giving, provide thoughtful services, and are highly competent in all interactions.

  • Connected: We are valued conveners. Our community-based engagement and knowledge enable us to connect donors with nonprofits, community members in need with services, and facilitate custom solutions that provide a positive impact on Long Beach.
  •  Inclusive: We value the diverse life experiences and backgrounds of our community members and approach our work with a focus on equity and inclusion. Our goal is to be approachable and accessible to all our stakeholders – donors, fundholders, grantees, and the general public so that they feel valued and respected in all our interactions.
  •  Thoughtful: We cultivate lasting relationships by providing attentive, responsive, and respectful services with kindness, flexibility, and understanding.
  • Competent: We are responsive, trustworthy, thorough, reliable, professional, and share our knowledge to catalyze vibrancy and sustainability in the community.