Funds Overview

As a public charity, LBCF helps individuals, families, agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses manage their philanthropic giving through various fund types. Contributions may come from cash, securities traded on major exchanges, closely-held stock, mutual fund shares, retirement plan assets, real estate, and limited partnerships.

LBCF currently manages the following types of funds:

A designated fund supports specified organization(s). Donors specify which organizations will receive the available grants each year. Grant recipients remain the same each year.

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A field of interest fund allows a donor to specify a broad category to donate to. A donor then directs their gifts to a charitable area of interest and LBCF facilitates annual granting.

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Scholarship funds build the community’s future by investing in the education of tomorrow’s leaders. Award payments are made directly to the educational institutions for use by the scholarship recipients.

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An agency fund can be established by 501c3 nonprofit organizations for the benefit of their own organization and is an effective and efficient way to create stability and financial diversification for the future of the organization.

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Contributions are planned from a future source such as a will, trust, retirement account, or insurance policy.

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Charitable Remainder Trust

  • An irrevocable trust in which donors transfer cash or assets to a trust from which they are entitled to receive income payments annually for life or a defined period (not to exceed 20 years)
  • LBCF is named as the beneficiary of any funds remaining upon death of the donor

Charitable Gift Annuity

  • A contract between a donor and LBCF, whereby the donor transfers cash or property to LBCF in exchange for a partial tax deduction and a lifetime stream of annual income from LBCF. The amount of the income stream is determined by many factors including the donor’s age and LBCF policy
  • When the donor dies, remaining assets accrue to LBCF

Legacy Fund

  • Parameters are outlined with a Memorandum of Philanthropic Intent which is referenced in a will, trust, or another funding source. The fund is officially established when funds are received upon the death of the donor

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