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We can assist you and your clients with planned giving options that allow flexibility with the distribution of their philanthropic desires in their estate planning. By including standard language in their will or trust legal documents (see resources below), they can designate a named fund at Long Beach Community Foundation which is funded at the time the will or trust is executed. We will establish the necessary documentation at the Foundation to outline their philanthropic intent – documentation that can be updated as desired at no cost to the donor.

Several options are available for the types of funds donors can use in their estate planning and planned giving. Factors in determining the most appropriate type include whether funds are currently available or are dependent on settlement of the estate, beneficiary payout, or the like; and the donor’s intent for the fund.

The most requested documents and information requested from our professional advisor partners are listed below.

  1. Employer Identification Number: Long Beach Community Foundation - 20-5054010
  2. How to Contribute to a Fund
  3. Donor Advised Fund Agreement
  4. MOPI (Memo of Philanthropic Intent)
  5. Suggested Language for Legacy Plans

Your clients may be able to attain a new level of giving they might not have considered possible through assets they already own. Long Beach Community Foundation accepts complex assets for charitable purposes, including:

  • Real Estate
    • Personal Residence
    • Commercial Property
    • Undeveloped Property
    • Other Real Property
  • Business Interests
    • Closely Held Stock (S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC)
    • Partnership Interests
  • Personal Property
    • Royalties, Copyrights, Patents
    • Valuable Collectibles
  • Other Alternative Asset Gifts
    • Life Insurance Policies
    • Retirement Plans

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive of acceptable alternative assets. Gift acceptance is dependent upon asset review and approval.

Donor Advised Funds  |  Secure Giving

"For me, it's reassuring to know donations are going to organizations that will spend it properly and for the purposes that you intended." ~ Bob Foster, Former Mayor of Long Beach

Charitable Giving Funds  |  Private Foundation Alternative 

"With no startup costs, legal fees, or liability, it is the most flexible, hassle-free approach to charitable giving." ~ Marilyn Bohl, Retired IBM Executive and Author

Scholarships Funds  |  Supporting Youth Education

"It's a program that works - we see the results every day in the smiles of all the children who have been given a second chance at life through the Safe Surrender program." ~ Don Knabe, Former Supervisor, 4th District, La County Board of Supervisors

Bequests  | Family Fund Advisors

"The Community Foundation is in touch with the community needs, the nonprofits, and what charitable programs align with our aunt's vision." ~ Melissa & Melanie Feinberg

Agency Funds  |  Algalita Marine Research & Education

"Having the Long Beach Community Foundation manage our endowment ensures that our funds are secure, expands our reach to new donors, and allows us to be immediately ready to receive planned gifts." ~ Terri Buchanan, President


Yes.  Our role is to help donors create funds that carry out their charitable goals in Long Beach or anywhere in the United States. LBCF donors have the ability to recommend grants to organizations across the country.

Yes, however if the donor does not name a successor, or after the successor's passing, the Community Foundation will continue to award the funds in accordance with your client's documented wishes.

The Long Beach Community Foundation has the ability to accept a range of assets including:

  • Cash equivalents
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Business interests
  • Real estate
  • Personal property
  • Life insurance policies
  • Retirement account assets

The minimum for establishing most funds with the Long Beach Community Foundation is $2,500. Agency and Scholarship funds require larger minimums. There is no minimum to donate to existing funds once established.

The Long Beach Community Foundation offers the maximum charitable tax advantages available by law. Community Foundations are not subject to the taxes and regulations affecting private foundations and have increased flexibility. For example, there is no annual granting requirement.

Yes, if your clients:

  • Are thinking about creating a private foundation, but are concerned about the cost and complexity
  • Want to receive the maximum tax benefit
  • Is someone who gives to more than one charitable cause
  • Are interested in creating a legacy
  • Cares about their community

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