Urban Community Outreach – Relief

Areyouanonprofit: Yes

Legal-name: Urban Community Outreach

Previous-name: Julie Lie

Address: 241 Cedar Avenue

City: Long Beach

State: Ca

Zip: 90802

Tax-id: 26-0589430

Organizational-status: 501c3

Url-167: http://ucodic.org

Officer: Julie Lie Executive Director

Annual: 224,495 Minus inkind contributions

ContactName: Julie Lie

Title: Executive Director

Tel-952: 562 582 1000

Secondaryphone: 562 225 6416

Email-765: julie.lie@ucodic.org

Grant-purpose: Rental Assistance and Rent Deposit

Totalcost: 47,450

Requestedamount: 20,000

Periodoftime: Up to six months

Audienceserved: People who lost jobs/income because of Covid-19 shutdown and homeless

Demoofaudience: all adults

Numberofserved: up to 40 individuals and families

1. What disaster recovery service has already been provided?: Since the city’s covid-19 crisis has been declared, UCO staff and volunteers have continued to help people who are experiencing homelessness and others in need.

2. What disaster recovery service will be provided by this grant?: in light of the severe financial impacts of the covid19 on people who were living paycheck to paycheck to meet their basic needs, the funds for this grant will be dedicated entirely for rent assistance and rent.

3. What organization and or individuals will you assist? We have good working relationships with the city, Cabrillo, MHA, Lutheran social services, and others in Long Beach – we will continue to work with others to best help people stay housed.

4. What other disaster recovery funds have you received? What amount? (Include FEMA assistance or other federal, state, and local assistance, if appropriate.): We are currently working with the City’s manager’s office to ensure that we receive the support we need to continue our operations. The city has included UCO in their list o agencies ready to receive funds and

5. What other disaster recovery funds have you applied for? (Include FEMA assistance or other federal, state, and local assistance, if appropriate.) We have not applied for other disaster recovery funds. We have sent out an appeal to our supporters and have received funds as a result.