YMCA of Greater Long Beach – Relief

AreYouANonprofit: Yes

Legal-name: YMCA of Greater Long Beach

Previous-name: Addition information: Los Altos Family YMCA branch

Address: 3605 Long Beach Blvd, Ste 210

City: Long Beach

State: California

Zip: 90807

Tax-id: 95-1643396

Organizational-status: 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Url-167: http://www.lbymca.org

Officer: Alfredo Velasco, President & CEO

Annual: $24,732,012

ContactName: Jesse Pazdernik

Title: Executive Director

Tel-952: 562-596-3394

SecondaryPhone: 619-504-7082

Email-765: jesse.pazdernik@lbymca.org

GrantPurpose: Support for seniors that are home bound through food supply and delivery, prescription and essential care product pickup and delivery, and remote socialization resources.

TotalCost: $21,150+

Requestedamount: $20,000

Periodoftime: Duration of COVID19 crisis

Audienceserved: Seniors that are low income, home bound, disabled, and food insecure.

Demoofaudience: Primarly 65 years and older adults

Numberofserved: 100-300+ Seniors, remote socialization open to public.

District: Districts 3,4,5

Funding: Immediately

1. What disaster recovery service have already been provided? : At the Los Altos Family YMCA, everything we do is guided by our commitment to support our community, and this is even more critical now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the advisement of State, County and City of Long Beach Officials, the Los Altos Family YMCA located in East Long Beach (1720 North Bellflower Boulevard), closed their health and wellness facility to more than 1,000 member units, of which 350 are seniors on March 16, 2020.
Upon fitness facility closure, the Los Altos Family YMCA quickly pivoted focus to more pressing issues in the face of this pandemic; people over the age of 65 due to an increased risk for severe illness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends additional restrictions for this group to remain at home, restricting contact with outside people.
The immediate goal of determining Senior needs was based on general well-being phone calls conducted personally by Y staff. Upon immediate assessment, the Los Altos Family YMCA had an urgent need to pick up and deliver prescriptions, deliver groceries and other essentials, as well as provide home bound health and wellness resources.
Social distancing requirements will be in effect at least through the end of April and with individuals over the age of 65 being considered an at-risk population the requirements very well be extended. With that, there is a need to mobilize a sustainable course of action to serve the Y’s senior and home bound population throughout the duration of these restrictions.

2. What disaster recovery service will be provided by this grant?  The Los Altos Family YMCA looks to serve seniors throughout the duration of these restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic with funding from the Long Beach Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund. These services include but are not limited to prescription pick-up and delivery, grocery and meal home delivery, home bound health and wellness resources and home bound activities addressing social isolation. Through ongoing monitoring and assessment, Y staff will respond to individual needs and funding will allow the Y the resources to expand these services and resources to not only Y members but other seniors in the community as well.
With 28% of seniors living alone in Long Beach the Y is confident in our commitment to not just basic human necessities such as food and prescriptions, but also health, wellness and social isolation support.
Exercise classes, morning coffee and other social connection can be taught and provided through online platforms to connect seniors with their friends, see and connect with their class instructors providing a sense familiarity, community belonging and much needed routine.
Additional activities and social engagement which can be provided on online platforms and beyond include but are not limited to book clubs, coffee conversations, lunch and learns, direct phone calls and phone tree coordination, and more.

3. What organization and or individuals will you assist? : Deeply rooted in the Long Beach community, the Y is here for our community to provide youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Specifically, through this funding support the Y looks to support those 65 year and up members at the Los Altos Y and the greater community at large.

4. What other disaster recovery funds have you received? What amount?: None at this time.

5. What other disaster recovery funds have you applied for?: None at this time.